Close links have been established, and are actively maintained, with local community groups and agencies supporting the vision, values and aims  of Glashieburn. The school works with many local Churches, whose ministry teams visit regularly.  We have a link with Baker Hughes a GE company where we have communication with a school in Takoradi, Ghana.  We work closely with BHGE to maintain this link and raise money for Ghana.  In session 2017/18 we raised almost £500 by trying to cycle the distance from Glashie to Ghana collectively.  All our partners and parents got involved as did the pupils in Takoradi.

We also are currently working with Sustrans to promote cycling to schools.  We have iBike breakfasts for children who cycle to school.  We have had an ‘Engineer of our Lives’ week in conjunction with Conoco Phillips, Live Wire Productions and Techfest.  Our children experienced many activities to learn that ‘materials + engineers = product.’

Our teachers constantly work in partnership with our fellow paraprofessionals such as Educational Psychologists, School Doctor, School Nurse, Child and Family Mental Health – to name but a few.

We also work closely with our Associated Schools Group to aid smooth transitions for our pupils and on collegiate projects.

Our Partners and Paraprofessionals

Educational Psychologist: –

School Doctor: Dr Alison Gillespie

School Nurses: Mrs Lyn Reid

School Chaplaincy Team: Mr Jarod Meehan and Mrs Sue Thompson.

Active Schools Co Ordinator: Mr Keiran Foy

Sustrans iBike Co Ordinator: Mr George Philips

BHGE ABC Link Person: Mrs Margaret Gravill

Jesmond Drive, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen. AB22 8UR.