Glashieburn’s Parent and Teacher Association takes on role of social and fundraising committee.  The PTA is a partnership between parents and members of the staff to support all in the school community.  It’s activities include:

  • Raising funds for non-curricular ventures, for example, school clubs, trips, pupil/parent common room, displays, etc
  • Organising social events
  • Informing parents of new initiatives in education and about common concerns
  • Acting as an informal channel of communication between parents and staff and the Parent Council.

Our PTA has raised a considerable amount of money for the school fund and we are very lucky to have them. The work of the PTA enhances the work of the school. Last session, the PTA funded all external trips for the pupils, including the cost of the buses. In addition to this parents organise and run the library on a weekly basis and assist in class activities including external trips and visits. This session, the PTA has funded the purchase of new iPads and rainy day boxes after a plea from our Pupil Forum.

Our current common fundraising goal is for our playground.  We would like new equipment and loose parts introduced.

All parents are invited to join the PTA as they are part of the parent forum.  The committee is as below with some parents within each year group acting as year representatives.  Please ask to find out who your year group rep is or feel free to volunteer.  Meeting times are varied so it suits all parents.

Glashieburn PTA Session 2018/2019

Chair Person: Mrs Donna Crowe ( Mummy in P6 and P2)

Vice Chair Person: Mrs Isla Taylor ( Mummy in P5, P3 and P1)

Treasurer: Mrs Anne Haggart ( Mummy in P5 and P3)

Secretary: Mrs Nicola Massie ( Mummy in P5 and P3)

Follow the Glashieburn PTA Facebook Page for their latest news and minutes by clicking on the link below…

Or Contact the PTA on: glashieburnpta@yahoo.co.uk

Jesmond Drive, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen. AB22 8UR.