Internet Safety

Glashieburn have worked closely with Paul Hay to educate our pupils and parent forum about Internet Safety.  Paul is happy for any of our parents to contact him with any queries and also for us to share the link to his materials for use at home.

The ‘Top Tips’ he shared with our pupils were:

  1. People you don’t know are strangers.  People are not always who they say they are online.

2. Be nice to people on the computer like you are to people in the playground.

3. Keep personal information PRIVATE.

4. If you ever get the ‘uh-oh’ feeling you should tell a grown up you trust.

The links section on his page will take you to some valuable videos which are worth watching with your child.

Paul’s contact details are:

Telephone:   07832 933306             E-Mail:

Link to Page…

Jesmond Drive, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen. AB22 8UR.