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The Life skills group from the Hub planned a daffodil tea which took place on May 12th. The children made invitations, wrote shopping lists, went shopping for the ingredients and baked scones and cakes. They also made sandwiches.

Here are some of the comments the children made about the experience

DAFFODIL TEA by Alisdair

On Thursday 12th of May Alisdair, Connor, Kamran, Callan, Eilidh and lucas.b had held a Daffodil tea in the learning hub for friends and family. We were very busy in the morning preparing the sandwiches, baking the cakes and scones and the muffins. We set the tables with the daffodils and placemats that we had made to make the place look more daffodil and spring themed. When the visitors and Miss Baxter and other teachers arrived we said hello and showed them to there tables. Alisdair and Connor served and took the peoples orders for the beverages. We talked to the people and each other. Everyone enjoyed themselves and they all enjoyed the food (because there was not much left).

The Daffodil Tea by Connor

We had a good group that planned and organised cakes and treats and tea and Coffee

It was fun and great work for us it took so time but it was with it.My favourite bit was going to Asda to get ingredients for the cakes and treats like scones  We had to walk through a blizzard to get to Asda I thought it was worth.

The Daffodil Tea by Kamran

Daffodil tea party was fun. We made cake and cupcakes by hand and it was messy job. We set up the tables and we put our homemade daffodils on them. We also laid out our mats and then put the cakes and sandwiches on the mats. The best bit was eating the cakes!


The Daffodil Tea by Lucas

We made tea, coffee fairy cakes, scones, Victoria sponge cakes and sandwiches. We were doing this to try to get the parents to have fun. We had loads of fun making our invitations, place mats and daffodils as well as going to Asda to do the shopping. The bags were really heavy and they hurt my legs when I was walking back to school. My favourite bit was baking the cakes.


The daffodil tea by Eilidh

I loved making my invitations and mats. I really like baking and had  great fun stirring the mixtures. I even liked walking up the hill to Asda in the snow to get the shopping!

My favourite bit was serving my Grandma. I had great fun last Thursday.


The Daffodil tea by Callan

We had a daffodil tee party.

It is so much fun. Thank you for coming. We had scones, sandwiches

and cupcakes with icing. I really had fun making the cakes.

We set up the tables. We had mats and daffodils on them. We put the cakes on the tables.

I had fun.


Here are some pictures of us preparing for our Daffodil Tea and also serving on the day! Enjoy!




Extra Dress as You Please Day

We will be having a Onsie / Dress as you please day on Friday 27th May for the PTA Fayre. Come to school in a onsie or anything you wish.  The fee is a donation for our raffle / tombolla / home bake or £1.

Also please get in touch if you are able to help with the Fayre.  We are still in need of helpers for the Friday and Saturday and the Fayre will not be able to go ahead if we do not get enough helpers.



The Hub Reflection Term 3

Glashieburn School

The Hub Learning Leaflet

Information for Parents

Term 3 January to April 2016



This term we are concentrating on continuing to build our knowledge of number bonds. up to 10, up to 20 , up to 100 and beyond 100

Some of our groups will be concentrating on subtracting with exchanging

Another group will be using their times table knowledge to learn about division

Our practical Maths will be concentrating on measurement focussing on weight initially and then centimetres and metres thereafter



The children worked really hard learning their number bonds and this is beginning to pay off. Some of the children spotted patterns and started to look at bigger numbers. Subtraction with exchanging went well and the written work was becoming very neat. The group that were looking at division were learning about remainders and learned this through lots of different activities. Weight was good fun with one group concentrating on reading scales and the other groups were comparing and balancing different weights using the heavier, lighter and about the same as, language.




This term all the reading groups will continue to build confidence in reading aloud and tackling unfamiliar words.

We will also be looking at how to find information from the stories we have read which will help answer set questions. This helps them develop understanding of what they have read.

In writing we will continue to build on our knowledge about VCOP and work on sentence development using this.

We will continue to build on our knowledge about phonics, covering blends and some of the common words. The spelling sounds will be covered over two week blocks to allow the children to consolidate what they have learned.



 This term we have introduced a new reading scheme called Project X.  The children have been really excited about these books and are enjoying the adventures the characters are going on.

In writing this term we have looked at sentences and adding connectives and we are now looking at different genres. We have started by writing invitations to a party which the children loved doing especially as it was on the computer. The final results are on display in the Hub.

The spelling activities are encouraging the children to have a go at spelling an unknown word. This is great to see. Well done everyone. The messy home activities are working!


Health and Wellbeing

This term we are concentrating on looking at emotions and how different emotions make us feel. We are looking at friendships /cooperation how they make us feel and what we can do when they don’t work. Controlling our emotions and the strategies to help us cope when they go wrong, will also be explored.

Gross motors will also be concentrating on how to control our body movements. This term we will be balancing in a variety of different ways. (Changing parts of the body to balance with and moving in a variety of different ways again using different parts of the body)




We have used the social game a lot over the term and this has encouraged the children to talk about different situations and how they should or did feel in these situations. We are now trying a different approach through a friendship street to keep building social knowledge and strategies to cope.

Go noodle has helped the Gross Motor groups as they have been trying Zumba and Yoga for stamina, core strength and balance.

This term saw the introduction of two new groups into the Hub timetable. These are Transition and also Life Skills

Transition is allowing the children to look at the move to the Academy and what it all entails which allows them to talk about any worries.

Life Skills group get to choose and plan an activity. This term they have started planning a Daffodil tea. Invitations have been sent out and we are in the process of writing shopping lists and also making decorations.


Other News

Some of the children will be learning all about space and some of the planets. We will cover space travel as well as looking at the order of the planets. They are even helping to build a space station in the hub!

All hub children will continue with music on a Wednesday afternoon and we have some new tunes to learn!



Space was a great success. The children loved making their planet display and rockets. The house corner was even turned into a space station where any “missing” children could be found!

The children are really improving in their music and we are learning a tune from Pirates of the Caribbean at the moment.