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Miss Cunningham’s Learning Leaflet: Term Four

Miss Cunningham’s Learning Leaflet: Term Four
Welcome back to our fourth and final term. Please see your child’s class below for details about their learning in Expressive Arts and Health and Wellbeing this term.

P1B and P1C- Early Level
In Health, Primary 1 will be making and tasting simple recipes. We will record our likes and dislikes. We will improve our group work and turn taking when making and trying the foods. Primary 1 will answer the question – What is Eco? We will take part in various activities which will increase our understanding of Eco. Primary 1 can’t wait to take part in outdoor learning activities.

In Expressive Arts, Primary 1 will continue to explore the use of voice, movement and expression. The children will be given a stimulus to create an improvised scene in small groups. We will also continue our weekly yoga sessions which are great fun!
P2W, P2/3M and P3M- First Level
In Health, Primary 2 and Primary 3 pupils will be preparing and tasting foods demonstrating a range of practical skills including; washing, using a peeler, mixing, grating, spreading and demonstrating simple knife skills. They will consolidate their knowledge of the EatWell plate whilst preparing foods. The classes will also help improve the schools’ ‘green’ status. P2W, 2/3M and 3M will have the opportunity to use the brand new litter pickers, help weed the outside learning area as well as learning more about improving the environment.

In Expressive Arts, Primary 2 and Primary 3 pupils will begin the term by taking part in Spring and Easter themed drama. We will then move on to dance, learning new cultural dance styles from Scotland, India and Africa. The children will provide their peers with positive and constructive feedback as well as critiquing their own performances. The classes will expand their creativity and confidence by producing and performing small group sequences, using taught movements. We are going to be very busy.

P5C, P5/6K, P6R and P7W- Second Level (P7- Expressive Arts only)
In Health, Primary 5C, 5/6K and 6R will investigate food labels to gain an understanding of advertising and how to make healthy choices. We will prepare and taste foods demonstrating an increasing range of practical preparing and cooking techniques including; accuracy when weighing and measuring, kneading, chopping, mixing, grating and using simple knife skills. Later in the term we will analyse the ‘Environmental Review Plan’ carried out by the Eco Committee, looking at our progress so far and deciding and implementing the next steps for our upcoming green flag assessment.

Inspired by the talk of Macbeth in the playground, 5C and 5/6K will be creating and presenting a simplified, scripted version of the famous play. They will sustain characters by using voice, movement and expression. P6R will perform the dramatic ending of Macbeth before taking part in various dance sessions, using different styles and genres. They will be encouraged to create and perform their own routines to an audience. As P7W were busy with trips, speakers and visits to Oldmachar, they will continue their Term 3 focus. Please see the Term 3 learning leaflet.

Other News
The senior choir are delighted to have won the Aberdeen Glee Challenge. The final will be held at Perth Concert Hall on 25th June (2pm-5pm). We would love to have our peers and families support us. Tickets go on sale on the 8th June from the Perth Concert Hall box office (£8 adult £5 concession). We are very excited and hope you can come along and support us!
Miss Lauren Cunningham 

Primary 2/3M’s Term 4 Learning Leaflet

P2/3M’s Learning Leaflet

Term 4

Maths & Numeracy

This term P2/3M will be covering the following topics in maths;

  • Multiplication – P2 will be continuing to learn their 2, 5 and 10 times tables and doubles within 20. P3 will be learning their 3 and 4 times tables and will be beginning to use these to build others, e.g. the 6 and 8.  All groups will be using arrays to support them in developing their understanding.
  • Division – P2 will be learning to share and group objects equally. They will also be learning to half even numbers to 10. P3 will be using concrete materials and arrays to share in 2’s, 4’s, 5’s and 10’s and develop their understanding of remainders.  They will be beginning to divide mentally using their knowledge of their times tables.
  • Fractions – We will be exploring simple fractions by taking part in practical activities. P2 will be developing their understanding of ½’s and P3 will be looking at ½’s and ¼’s.
  • Time – All pupils will be further developing skills in telling the time using analogue and digital clocks. P2 will be learning to recognise o’clock and half past and begin to find time durations in whole hours.  P3 will be looking more closely at quarter to and quarter past and finding durations in whole and half hours.  We will all be looking at the days of the week, months of the year and seasons using calendars.



Primary 2/3 are continuing to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books this term, using their knowledge of phonics and common words to support them. They will be further developing their ‘word attack’ skills to help decode more challenging vocabulary and find meaning when reading.  They will also be using their knowledge of the features in non-fiction texts to locate and retrieve information, beginning to skim and scan.


This term P2/3 are further developing their skills in imaginative and functional writing.  They will be learning to create their own short stories, non-chronological reports and persuasive texts.  Many of these will relate to our class topic.

Listening and Talking

This term the children will be preparing and presenting an assembly.   They will be learning to talk audibly and clearly, whilst building their confidence when speaking to an audience (including you!).  Our class assembly will be presented to you on Friday the 19th of May.

Health and Well-Being

In PE 2/3M will be putting their skills to the test in team games this term.  We will be hoping to head outdoors as the weather improves, so please ensure appropriate footwear is provided.


Our topic this term is Our Local Area and Community.  P2/3 will be exploring the Bridge of Don, heading out and about to develop their mental map and sense of place in the world.  They will be;

  • Learning to create and use maps of the area
  • Thinking about what makes a community
  • Learning about why it is important to look after the community and environment that we live in
  • Discussing the roles of different people in our community
  • Visiting places within the local area and learning about what happens there
  • Taking on the role of ‘local community tour guide’ when sharing their learning with others.

 Other useful information

  • PE kits will be required on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.
  • Library books will be changed on a Thursday.
  • Homework continue is the same format as last term. Termly common words, learn-its and a spelling menu can be found in your child’s homework folder.  Maths topics are outlined above.
  • New reading books will be issued on a Monday or a Wednesday depending on the text.

If you have any questions, as always, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you, Miss Milne



Miss Cunningham’s Star Performers: Week 1

Welcome back! I hope your Easter holidays were wonderful. It has been a very quick week and the children have settled back into routines well. This week’s Star Performers are;

P1B: Aiden   P1C: Ellis   P2W: Julie   P2/3M: Kate   P3M: Paige   P5C: Abbas   P5/6K: Olaf   P6R: Jessica   P7W: Rafa

Well done to you all.

Miss Cunningham