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Science Champions!

On Friday afternoon we had great fun doing Science Champions with P1C! We have been working hard in little groups over the last couple of weeks to prepare some exciting experiments and activities. It was a busy afternoon as we had three different experiments to teach- ‘The Magic Glove’, ‘The Nappy Cup’ and ‘Coke Explosion’! We hope that P1C learned something new and had lots of fun too! We are looking forward to finishing off our Science Champions activities and receiving our Science Champion Awards in a few weeks!

P7W Learning Leaflet

Glashieburn School
P7W Learning Leaflet

Term 4
Within Big Maths this term we will be revising, consolidating and extending our knowledge and skills in multiplication and division. We will learn how to complete equations involving numbers and letters. In co-operative groups we will have a go at teaching the mental maths strategies we have learned to other groups.

P7 will build upon their knowledge and understanding of money this term. We will learn how to find totals, give change and calculate profit and loss. Later in the term we will focus on time. Through practical activities we will calculate time differences, learn to use timetables and research different time zones around the world.

We will continue to develop our problem solving skills. We will have opportunities to work both independently and in groups to learn more about the strategies and approaches we can use to help us.

Each group has already started reading a new novel. This term we will continue to use the reading strategies which we learned earlier this year with a focus on prediction and summarizing. Our class novel this term is ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio.

This term we will be continuing to ‘up-level’ our writing using VCOP. Most of our writing will be focused around our ‘Choices and Changes’ topic and our transition to academy. Children will continue to have opportunities to self-assess and peer-assess their writing using a variety of strategies.

Children will continue to receive new spelling words each week which will be revised daily in class and through homework activities. There is also a ‘challenge’ word each week which children will be encouraged to learn the spelling and meaning of.

Health and Wellbeing
In PE P7 will think about how to achieve the greatest speed, height, distance and accuracy through a range of athletics activities. Our PE days this term are Monday and Thursday. We are also looking forward to working with some RGU students in PE this term.

This term our topic is ‘Choices and Changes’! We will be learning how to achieve a healthy lifestyle by researching the effects alcohol, smoking and taking drugs have on the body. In our co-operative groups we will research the changes our body will face and find out where to get help and advice when we need it.

Other News

We will continue to have French on Wednesday afternoons with Mrs Grant and Mandarin with Miss Shi on Wednesday mornings.

We have a busy term ahead of us as we get ready to leave Glashieburn School! We are currently planning and preparing for our end of year fundraiser, practising for our leavers show and getting excited about our leaver’s events!

Just a few reminders to finish off;
– Library books are changed on a Monday.
– PE kits are required on Monday and Thursday.
– PE kits should be taken home on a Friday.
– Homework is given out on Monday and should be returned on a Friday.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you, Miss Wright

Engineering Week!

Some of our thoughts on Engineering Week:

‘Engineering week was great because of all the different and fun activities!’- Josh

‘I liked engineering week because it was fun and cool.’- Lucas

‘My favourite part of engineering week was when we learned about a vending machine and played games to help our understanding.’- Runyi

‘In engineering week different engineers came in to tell us all about their jobs. They are so important!’ -Syed

‘I enjoyed engineering week because we were leaning but in a really fun and active way.’- Ben

‘Making a table was great fun!’- Kieran

‘My favourite part of engineering week was the vending machine because it was funny and an easy way to learn.’- Katie









Term 3 Learning Leaflet

Term 3 Learning Leaflet

As you may already be aware our topic this term is The Titanic! We have already started to research the building of the Titanic and we have found out about some of the passengers who travelled on the ship. We are looking forward to finding out about the class system on board and what caused the Titanic to sink.

This term we have chosen new novels to read and discuss in our groups. Throughout the term we will be working through a task map of different activities to show what we have learned. We have already started creating new front covers, quadramas and matchbox summaries! Our focus this term in writing is diary entries. We have created imaginary characters who are travelling on the Titanic. Each week pupils will write a diary entry telling the story of the Titanic from the viewpoint of their created character. Each week we will continue to learn a new set of spelling words as well as a tricky challenge word!

In maths we are focusing on shape, angles and symmetry. We have revised our knowledge of the names of shapes and their properties. In the next few weeks we will learn how to measure angles and calculate missing angles in a shape. We will also develop our knowledge of symmetry and try to create some symmetrical pictures of our own. Our problem solving lessons will link to our learning about shape and angles. We will learn about tessellation and how certain shapes and angles fit together. This term we will continue with our weekly CLIC sessions and Big Maths Beat That tests on a Friday to improve our mental maths skills!

Health and Wellbeing
In PE this term we will be learning how to play a variety of team games. We are practising different skills and techniques each week such as dribbling, passing and catching. Within our PE lessons we are also learning about the different skills required to play team games such as communication, co-operation and decision making.

In French, we are consolidating our learning of the days of the week, numbers and weather. We are learning how to say the time in French, how to have a short conversation and how to say the months of the year. In Mandarin we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We had great fun creating posters about ‘The Year of the Rooster’ and learning about the race between the animals.

Some reminders:
• PE- Monday and Thursday
• Library- Monday morning
• Homework- handed out on a Monday and to be returned by Friday
• Pupils should bring in their ‘Reading Passport’ every Monday to update and discuss

P7W Reflection Leaflet

Our learning in Term 2- Written by Phoebe, Tai-Leigh, Deshawn, Kieran and Aaron

In groups we have been reading a variety of chapter books. We have also been reading short stories and poems to improve our comprehension. As a class we have been reading ‘I know what you did last Wednesday’ by Anthony Horowitz. It is a crime novel where we had to predict who the murderer was out of the main characters. This term we have been writing about our CSI topic- we have written newspaper articles, science reports and job adverts. Some of us have learned how to use an app called Adobe Spark to help us to write stories. We are looking forward to teaching the rest of the class how to use it next term. For listening and talking we have been watching Newsround and discussing what is happening in the world. We have also been using discussion questions and brain teasers- some of them are very tricky!

This term in maths P7W have been working on whole number. The Emeralds and Amethysts have recently been focusing on equations which has broadened our knowledge and improved our maths skills. The Emeralds have also been learning about significant figures and co-ordinates which was new to us but now we are confident with both. The Amethysts have been learning new written methods for multiplication and addition using large numbers. The Sapphires have been focusing on addition, subtraction and multiplication strategies.

Our topic this term was CSI. We have been doing lot’s of activities and we even had to investigate our own crime which happened at Glashieburn- it was lot’s of fun! The crime was a missing laptop and we had to work out who stole it! Two police officers from CID came in to help us and give us some advice on how to solve the crime. We got to look at some of the weapons they use to defend themselves and they took some of our fingerprints. Miss Wright sent off our suspects fingerprints and the computer mouse which was left at the scene of the crime. The results showed that Miss Kraish was the thief!

In PE this term we have been doing gymnastics. We learned how to do cartwheels, handstands, backwards rolls and forward rolls. We put these four movements into a routine to perform to a partner. After this we worked on partner balances- some of these were very tricky! We really had to trust our partner and communicate well!

In Mandarin this term we have been recapping on our learning from last year. We have been learning some greetings like Hello, Goodbye and Thank You. In French we have been learning colours, weather and some Christmas words.

CSI visit!

On Wednesday 7th December P7W received a special visit from two members of the CID (Crime Investigaton Department) but don’t worry nobody was in trouble! The policemen were called Mike and Sam and they talked us through how they would solve a crime. We found out that there are three types of people involved in a crime- a witness, a suspect and a victim. They spoke to us about the high tech devices that they use and also gave us practical tips to help us to solve our mystery of the missing laptop. We got to look at some of the equipment used by police officers like handcuffs and a baton and we even got to take some fingerprints and investigate how everyone’s is different!

Written by Runyi, Holly and Deshawn


Sumdog winners!

Last week P7 took part in an Aberdeen Sumdog competition! We worked hard all week to earn points for our class by playing as much as we could and getting lot’s of correct answers! We competed against 25 other classes from Aberdeen but managed to score the most points and finish in first place! Here we are looking delighted with our certificates:

CSI Update!

Last week we received a clue from someone at Glashieburn school! It was a secret message which we had to decode. We worked in groups and managed to work out that it said ‘The Thief is a Teacher!’

Yesterday, we did a very exciting experiment to test whether the cup of coffee that was left behind at the crime had sugar in it. We learned what a hypothesis is and we had a go at creating some of our own! The cup of coffee tested positive for sugar which meant that we could narrow down our list of suspects.

Today we learned how to write up a science report. We have included a list of resources and a clear method to follow so you can have a go at home if you wish!

P7 Term 2 Learning Leaflet

P7W Term 2 Learning Leaflet
October- December 2016

Welcome back to another busy term in P7! We are already well underway with our CSI topic. During the first week of term we discovered a crime at Glashieburn School: a missing laptop! We have had great fun investigating the clues which were left behind and questioning our suspects. We are getting closer to narrowing down the thief! Our class novel this term is ‘I know what you did last Wednesday’ by Anthony Horowitz. We are enjoying reading about the different crimes and predicting what may have happened to the characters.

This term we have chosen novels to read and discuss in our reading groups. We will continue to develop our confidence in using the six main reading strategies as well as working on our fluency and expression when reading aloud. Most of our writing this term is focused around our CSI topic. We are learning how to lay out and write detailed science reports, newspaper articles and job adverts. Each week we will continue to learn a new set of spelling words as well as a tricky challenge word!

We are continuing to develop our knowledge and understanding of whole number this term. We will focus on rounding, estimating, multiplication and division. Most of our problem solving activities this term are also focused around our CSI topic. We will continue with our weekly CLIC sessions and Big Maths Beat That tests on a Friday to improve our mental maths skills! We are looking forward to our maths lesson at Oldmachar next month!

Health and Wellbeing
In PE this term we are developing our flexibility, creativity and balance through gymnastics. We have already learned some basic gymnastics moves such as forwards rolls, backwards rolls, handstands and cartwheels. We are now challenging ourselves to link these movements together into a sequence to perform to others. We will also work on partner balances and learn how to use different gymnastics equipment.
In French, we are consolidating our learning of greetings, numbers and the weather. We are learning how to say different colours, the days of the week and months. P7 are excited to have started learning Mandarin again this term. We are consolidating our learning from last year and have proved that we have a good memory for remembering Mandarin words and phrases!

Some Reminders:
• Library- Monday 10:15am
• PE- Mondays and Thursdays
• Homework- handed out on Monday to be returned by Friday
• Oldmachar Numeracy Visit- Thursday 1st December

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!
Here are some photos of what we have already been up to this term: