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P6R Reflections Term 2

“I really enjoyed visiting Scotstown Moor and learning about the animals that live there and their habitats” Brodie

“I enjoyed learning about different features of a nature reserve and the different types of reserves that there” Rianna

“I enjoyed making our own Water Cycle so that we could see our learning in action” Abigail

“I liked the team games in PE where we were only allowed to use our feet and had to cooperate as a team” Deanna

“I learned a lot about team work in PE and how important it is to communicate, the games we played were lots of fun” Ellen

“Maths was challenging because it was all new ways to present data that I didn’t know about.  Creating bar charts was fun and we got to play different maths games to help us put our learning in action” Connor

“I thought science was really cool and we got to try out lots of different experiments like creating our own water cycle and one that showed us how polluted water can get” Aiden M

“In PE we have been focusing on team games, it has been fun and I have learned a lot about working successfully with others” Sophie

“I liked learning all about atoms and doing all of the experiments.  We made our own molecule pictures using cereal” Gemma

“I really liked learning about the water cycle and seeing how the system worked and seeing it in action.  It was fun and interesting” Esme

“I really enjoyed going to Scotstown Moor and finding out about its history as I found out things that I didn’t know” Alexa

“I enjoyed our reading book ‘Long Way Home’ and reflecting on how the different characters felt in different situations” Ryan

“I liked writing the imaginative stories and poems.  The Once Upon a Dream poem was great and I learned a lot about features of a poem.  I am excited that my poem will be published” Rose

“I enjoy the weekly Beat That challenge and I have been working hard to improve my score” Koby

“I enjoyed all of the science this term and I learned a lot about nature reserves, creating our own reserve was fun” Kieran

“This term I have enjoyed maths more because I am learning lots of different things like bar charts and graphs” Jodie

“I know the differences between a protected area and a reserve.  I have enjoyed all of the Christmas crafts that we have been doing” Adrian

“I enjoyed Scotstown Moor and learning about different habitats.  I really enjoyed singing at the Beach Ballroom” Jessica

“I enjoyed reading Esio Trot because I like animals and it was about a tortoise.  I really liked learning about St Andrew and doing a Scottish poem” Camille

“I liked the snowman experiment and I learning about insulation and I was surprised that tin foil kept the ice cold” Daniel

“I loved singing at the Beach Ballroom and doing experiments with Mrs Ritchie.  I was proud of my speaking part in the show” Lucy

“I liked it when we did lots of science experiments and I learned a lot from it, seeing it in action was fantastic” Evie

“I like Mandarin because it is fun and I am learning a new language” Aiden T

“I enjoyed our spooky story writing when we watched the clip of ‘The Abbey’ and had to write about it.” Adanna

P6R Learning Leaflet Term 2


This term we have been focusing on mental subtraction strategies and strengthening our knowledge of our tables facts.  We are challenging ourselves to better our Beat That scores every week.  Times tables are very important and being confident in the will benefit us in many other maths topic areas.

We have been learning about Data Handling and different ways of gathering and collating data.

We will be moving o to focus on mental multiplication and division strategies and we will continue to challenge ourselves in different problem solving activities where we have to apply our skills in different contexts.  We had great fun solving a murder mystery that used a range of maths skills and also planing a holiday within a budget for Mrs Ritchie.


In writing this term we have been focusing on non-fiction writing and this will continue throughout the term.  We will be writing letters, persuasive pieces, instructions, leaflets, recipes and science reports.  We will also get the chance to write creatively nearer the festive season!  We are focusing on including all of the necessary features in our writing and using correct grammar and punctuation in all written tasks.  We are trying to remember that checking over and editing our work is also an important part of the writing process.

We are now in our reading groups and reading different novels, The Long Way Home, The Witches and Esio Trot.  We are developing our understanding of these texts by using the 7 reading strategies.

We are continuing to receive new spelling words on a weekly basis and we are now being encouraged to practise these at home in a range of different ways.


We have all created our own ‘Nature Reserve’ with a range of different features for the community.  We have created leaflets, posters, maps and keys for our reserve.  We have learned about the water cycle and changes in water state.  We will be moving on to focus on pollution, conservation & food chains.

We will also look at technological developments and how they have developed and changed throughout the years.

As we are nearing Christmas, we will also be doing a range of different festive crafts and activities, as well as learning our Christmas songs.

Health and Wellbeing

In PE, we have been developing our tennis skills and taking part in a range of different team building games that also encourage us to use problem solving skills.

We will be moving on to the topic of ‘Growth Mind-set’ and looking at ways to keep healthy and active.

Other News

  • French and Mandarin will continue on a weekly basis
  • PE days continue to be Mondays and Tuesdays – please remember your kit
  • We will be having a trip to Scotstown Moor on Wednesday 23rd November – please dress appropriately for the weather
  • Mrs Ritchie is will us until the 25th November




P6R Learning Leaflet Term 1

Glashieburn School

Primary 6 Learning Leaflet

Information for Parents

Term 1 2016


This term P6, P5/6 and P7 are setting within the area for maths.  This will occur 3 times a week and it helps to ensure that the children have enhanced focused learning time to help them progress in maths.  This term we are focusing on place value, estimating/rounding and mental addition strategies.

In our whole class maths session we are focusing on learning about time and using time in real life contexts.  We will also be developing our problem solving skills and applying strategies to different challenges.

We will also still have regular CLIC maths sessions to develop our mental agility and a weekly ‘Big Maths Beat That Challenge’.


Spelling words will be issued in class on a weekly basis and the children will participate in a range of active activities in class as well as focusing on the different strategies that they can use to help them spell these words correctly.  We will have a weekly spelling test on a Friday.

In reading we are all reading ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar and we are working together during this modelling block to deepen our understanding of the text by using and applying the main reading strategies – prior knowledge, metalinguistics, summarising, main ideas, inference, visualization and paraphrasing.  We will also develop our comprehension skills through tasks that are not related to the novel.

In writing we are working through the ‘Big Writing’P6 introductory lessons which help us to focus on improving our writing through ‘VCOP’.  We will also be developing our self and peer assessment strategies.  We will be learning about metaphors & similes and how these can be applied to make our writing more engaging, we will also be building on our ability to use the correct punctuation with consistency and accuracy.

Health and Wellbeing

This term we will be focusing on working together as a cooperative team and developing our group work skills.  We are also taking on new responsibilities such as buddies, vice captains and door monitors.

In PE we will be focusing on developing our fitness and stamina in different activities and we will be building on our possession games skills through the context of hockey.


This term we will be learning about ‘Europe’.  We are participating in a ‘Travel Rep’ challenge where we have each formed a travel company.  We must learn as much as we can about our given country and our work will be showcased and visitors must vote on which country they would most like to visit.  We will also be learning about the formation of the EU and we will be comparing life in Scotland with life in other European countries.

Other News

  • Drama and RME will be covered by Miss Cunningham
  • The P6 children have started French lessons with Mrs. Grant on a Wednesday afternoon
  • PE will be on a Monday & Tuesday
  • Please continue to bring in evidence of your wider achievements outside of school for our ‘Jigsaw’ pieces.
  • If you have any old books at home please bring them to school to help fill our class library
  • Children should all bring a book from home for ERIC time on a Tuesday


Miss Linzi Robertson

Health and Wellbeing Learning Leaflet Term 4

Glashieburn School

Health & Wellbeing Learning Leaflet

Information for Parents

Term 4 2016

Information for All – As it is the summer term and (hopefully) the weather will be getting a bit better I would like to have as many PE sessions outdoors as possible.  Therefore could I please ask if children could have an extra pair of gym shoes/trainers that are suitable for wearing outdoors – these can just be kept in their gym bags.  When it starts getting warmer and the sun comes out could I also ask that children have a labeled bottle of sun cream in their gym bags as well.


This term P1 will be continuing to build on a range of movement skills and developing their motor skills and coordination, this will be through a range of contexts including athletics.  We will also experience handling a range of equipment such as tennis and badminton racquets and learning the basics of how to use these correctly.  We will be working independently and also building on our cooperation skills when working with others.

We are still focusing on becoming more independent when getting changed for PE and trying to get ready sensibly and quickly.

We are continuing to build on our listening skills and keeping safe in the gym hall at all times.


We will be building on our movement skills through the context of athletics and we will be building on our running, jumping and throwing in a range of ways.  We will be experiencing cooperative and competitive activities.  We will also build on our small equipment skills and have experience of handling tennis and badminton racquets as well as ball control.


We will continue to work on our listening skills when in the gym hall as well as our skills of working cooperatively with others.  We will do this through a range of team games and activities.  We will also build on our movement skills through the context of athletics and experience a range of equipment such as javelins and hurdles.


This term P3 will develop their athletics skills and build on their running, jumping and throwing.  We will use a range of equipment such as hurdles and javelins.  We will develop our cooperative and competitive skills by participating in different team activities.

In Health we will build on our awareness of emotional health and how the way we feel can influence our actions.  We will discuss and develop strategies to deal with our feelings in positive and safe ways.


In PE we are continuing to develop our fitness levels and skills in a range of contexts, with particular focus on athletics and circuits with a range of apparatus.  We will build on our running, jumping and throwing skills.  We will also develop our racquet skills through the context of tennis.

We will begin to develop our self-assessment and evaluation skills by using the significant aspects of learning to offer feedback to our peers and think about how to improve our own performance.

We will develop our knowledge and understanding of the link between the food we eat, energy and physical activity.


The P5 children will have PE with me on a Thursday while the P4 children develop their swimming skills.  The P5 children will focus on developing their team work skills in both competitive and cooperative activities.  We will also develop our movement skills of running, jumping and throwing through the context of athletics.  We will continue to focus on the ‘Significant Aspects of Learning’ and make links with them and the activities we are taking part in.

In Health & Wellbeing inputs we will be focusing on equality and diversity by looking at differences in ourselves and different groups in society.  We will also discuss children’s rights and how we can ensure that these are met.


In PE we will be building on our movement skills of running, jumping and throwing through the context of athletics.  We will continue to develop our fitness and performance through a range of activities.  We will participate in team games both competitively and cooperatively and begin to focus fully on the ‘Significant Aspects of Learning’ and how we can make links with them through our PE lesson.


This term we will continue to build on and develop our performance and fitness through a range of activities and challenges.  We will be focusing on stamina, speed, endurance, balance and strength.

We will be building on our movement skills of running, jumping and throwing through the context of athletics and we will experience different types of athletic events such as javelin, long jump and sprinting.

We will continue to develop our assessment and evaluation skills by focusing on the ‘Significant Aspects of Learning’ and using these when giving feedback on our own and our peers’ performance.

We will also think about the link between physical activity, energy and the food that we eat.  We will learn how we can use food labels and packaging to make informed choices and how to make sensible choices dependent on how active we are.

Miss L Robertson

Health and Wellbeing Teacher

GREC Visit

Today some classes had a visit from Adriana from Grampian Regional Equality Council. She spoke to the children about respect, equality, rights, diversity and prejudice. I am sure all of the children learned some important and worthwhile information. She helped the children to understand how we can show respect for everyone in society and how everyone is different! She also discussed stereotyping and why it is important not to judge people based on appearances.



Expedition to Ethiopia – Day 1

We began our Expedition to Ethiopia today and I am so pleased that as a school today we have travelled collectively 348.2miles – WOW!

Remember that you can add to the total miles traveled at home – walk, jog, run, swim, cycle… Just bring in some evidence – a photo, signed letter, print out of a route etc.

Lets keep it up!!

Gym Kit Reminder

There have been a lot of children who have been forgetting their gym kits recently.

Could all children please make sure that they bring their PE kit to school on the correct days – ask your teacher if you are not sure. However, having your chid bring their kit in on a Monday and take it home on a Friday means they have it for any other events throughout the week.

A few reminders –

– PE kit should consist of dark shorts and where possible a white T-Shirt

– Safe, well fitting shoes must be worn for all physical activity

– Children MUST have a change of t-shirt for gym, this is for hygiene reasons

– Senior pupils can bring roll on deodorant for PE – No spray cans

– Hair MUST be tied up for PE

– Ear tape must be provided to cover piercings or earrings need to be removed

-No other jewellery should be worn during PE lessons

Any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact me.


Miss Linzi Robertson

Expedition to Ethiopia – Sports Relief 2016

We are very excited to be setting out on an ‘Expedition to Ethiopia’ to raise money for Sports Relief 2016!  Please see the attached letter for full information.

Many Thanks

Miss Kraish, Miss Robertson, Health Council & Charities Council



Sports Relief letter

The BIG event is almost here…

This Friday is when Glashieburn School is going to be welcoming Judo champion Theo Spalding!  The children are all very excited to be getting the opportunity to work with Theo and meet him!

We are really keen to raise as much money as we possibly can – some of the funds go towards helping young and aspiring athletes and some will come straight back to the school to be used for brand new PE equipment.  There are great prizes to be won if you manage to raise a certain amount, wrist bands and signed posters!

You can either use the paper form that came home with your child or you can use online fundraising through the link-

Remember that the children are to dress in sports gear on Friday!

Please contact me if you have any questions about this fantastic event!

Miss Linzi Robertson

Sports for Schools Event 5/2/16

We’re EXCITED to be welcoming GB Athlete Theo Spalding to school on Friday 05 February!
Theo Spalding will be leading some energetic fitness circuits with the children and hosting an assembly with a Q&A session to help inspire the children into more sport and exercise.
We’re asking the school community to help by sponsoring the children to complete the fitness circuits in order to raise money for Glashieburn School to buy more sports equipment.
There are two easy ways to sponsor the children: using paper sponsorship form that your child will have brought home (more spare copies in the office), or just as easy, it takes a few minutes to create an online fundraising page for your child at   
The children are already excited: we hope you’ll be feeling the buzz as well!
The children can come to school on the day dressed in sports kit!
If you have any questions about this event please do not hesitate to contact me.
Miss Linzi Robertson