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Learning Leaflet P2W Term 3


This term we are learning about money. By the end of the topic we will be able to recognise all the coins and have some knowledge of notes. We will be able to add amounts of money and also give change.  We will be able to suggest equivalent coins for a given amount. `We will be able to use money in role play and games.

After money we will concentrate on addition and subtraction facts followed by information handling. By the end of information handling we will be able to sort and organise information using tally marks, pictograms, Carroll diagrams, Venn diagrams and bar graphs. We will also practise collecting information for our charts and graphs.

We will continue to improve our mental recall of number facts (Learn Its) at speed. This term’s Learn Its are focusing on adding on 2 and 3. Children can also continue to practise counting in 5s and 10s. Doubling is coming up in Term 4 if they want to get ahead of the game.




This term each reading group has a different focus. The Starfish will be building and blending words. The Seahorses will be talking about whether their book is fiction or non-fiction and how they know that as well as answering simple questions on their text. The Sea Turtles will be learning to ask question prior to reading their book and answering these questions after reading. The Jellyfish will be learning to organise information from their reading books under headings in lists and charts.


We are focusing on imaginative story writing this term. Now that we have completed work on how to improve our writing using VCOP, this is the perfect opportunity for the children to try out their new skills. Sometimes the writing will be linked to topic.


We are consolidating the common words and continuing to add more to build up our vocabulary. These are the words also used for homework. Spelling words linked to our weekly sounds will now take place in class only.



Health and Wellbeing


We will be building up our skills for net games. Starting from how to work individually with a small piece of equipment (ball, quoit, bean bag) right up to trying out some basic net games. Gym sessions also include team games.

Also see Miss Cunningham’s plans for Health and Wellbeing.

*P2W gym is on Mondays and Thursdays



We are doing a mini China topic that incorporates the 2 China weeks already planned for the whole school. The children are enjoying learning about the traditions and culture of China. They are also being encouraged to use their knowledge of Mandarin more.

After this our main topic will be The Arctic. At the end of last term the children were asked for ideas of what they would like to do as their topic. A very strong interest in all kinds of animals shone through. Places were also mentioned and ideas of ice and snow and winter. So we combined these ideas and settled on The Arctic. So we will be looking at the place and who lives there as a focus. We are excited!


P2W Reflection Leaflet

P2W Reflection Leaflet Term 2

I asked the children if they could talk to me about their learning. Here is what they had to say.


Time – revision of o’clock, half past, learning quarter past and quarter to, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, when things happen, how to use a calendar, the passing of time, digital and analogue clocks

‘I learnt that 6 is half past so I know all the half pasts’ – Cameron

‘We learnt about half past and quarter to and quarter past’ – Richie

‘I have enjoyed learning about times and I am glad I know what time to get up at to get the taxi!’ –Iona

‘I like the o’clock times’ – Jayden

‘We were doing digital clocks’ – Kai

‘It is good to know time’ – Ryan

‘I liked learning about calendars’ – Aeryn

‘There are 4 seasons’ – Jay

‘I have learnt quarter to 10’ – May

‘I liked those season trees!’ – Tom

‘I can put the seasons in order – spring, summer, autumn, winter’ – Jack

‘I wore my watch to school and home time was 3 o’clock’ – Finlay M

‘Home time is 3 o’clock’ – Finlay K

‘There are 4 seasons. It is winter’ – Thomas


Learn Its

‘I think they are quite easy. I can do them like a flash’ – Max

‘The Beat That test is a little bit easy. I can do the sums really fast’ – Jakub

‘I know my jigsaw numbers and my doubles’ – Amber

‘I am brilliant at maths!’ – Tom

‘I like harder sums in Beat That’ – Ava


Reading – Story map comprehension tasks.

‘I liked the owl, bird and ostrich story map’ – Cameron

‘We have been learning how to draw story maps’ – Richie

‘You need to know which way to go on a story map’ – Isla


Writing – Poetry and instructions. How have you been trying to improve your writing?

‘The instructions were hard but I liked the one about building a snowman’ – Cameron

‘We have been learning about instructions and poems. I try to get a gold sticker – I have got it twice’ – Richie

‘I like writing long sentences – it is my favourite’ – Iona

‘I like it because you can get stickers for good work’ – Jayden

‘Writing is easy. I like instructions’ – Ryan

‘I am trying to fill up the whole page with good sentences’ – Max

‘I am putting in effort to writing instructions and poems’ – Jakub

‘I liked writing poems about Diwali’ – Lana

‘I liked writing instructions for musical statues. I am working hard at writing’ – Aeryn

‘I am getting better every time at writing’ – Jay

‘I am good at writing because I practise at home too’ – May

‘I like instructions. I am trying to make my writing neat’ – Jessica

‘I am trying to get finished and get a sticker’ – Amber

‘I am putting in exclamation marks and trying to spell words correctly’ – Jack

‘I have been trying my best. I like instructions’ – Ava

‘I love very much writing’ – Julie

‘I like cool writing putting the pictures in order’ – Cody



‘I like spelling words to help me with writing and reading’ – Iona

‘I am good at spelling. It is helping me with reading’ – Lana

Health and Wellbeing

PE – Movement and patterns, aiming, concentration and co-ordination.

‘We have been making patterns. We sometimes need a partner’ – Jay

‘I like the games. We were making patterns with our bodies’ – Thomas

‘We have to count to make a pattern. We also throw the bean bags in hoops’ – Jakub


IDL – What have you enjoyed about our Diwali topic?

‘I liked when we made lanterns’ – Cameron

‘The story of Diwali tells us what happened before the Festival of Light’ – Richie

‘I liked the story of it’ – Iona

‘I like all the lights’ – Jayden

‘I liked writing about Rama and Sita’ – Kai

‘It is fun!’ – Ryan

‘I liked when Ravana captured Sita and she dropped her jewellery’ – Max

‘I liked the story of Rama and Sita’ – Jakub, Aeryn, Jack

‘The lights are bright’ – Jay

‘Diwali is the Festival of Light’ – Finlay M

‘I liked drawing the patterns of henna on a hand’ – May

‘I like when the ladies paint their hands with different designs’ – Ava

‘It is the Festival of Light’ – Jessica

‘I liked the henna hand designs’ – Amber

‘I liked making a paper diva lamp’ – Tom

‘I liked the lanterns’ – Julie

‘I liked the patterns on the hands’ – Isla

‘I liked the bad king Ravana!’ – Cody

‘I liked doing the lantern. I loved it!’ (talking about his firework painting) – Finlay K

‘I liked all the Diwali jobs’ – Thomas

P3M Reflection Leaflet


Glashieburn School

Primary 3 Reflection

Information for Parents

Term 2


Primary three will continue to focus on Addition this term as well as building on their learning of Subtraction. We will be learning to add and subtract horizontally and vertically within 100 and learning strategies to carry over tens and bridge across place.


Primary 3 will also be learning about shape, position and movement through a variety of activities this term. They will be exploring 2D and 3D shapes and learning about their properties. The class will also be investigating patterns and relationships and they will be introduced to pattern using shape, a variety of materials and number.


The children will be continuing to learn and consolidate the 2, 5 and 10 times table. Through daily CLIC sessions they will be developing a variety of mental math strategies.

  • I have enjoyed doing the beat that and my times tables this term! Harry
  • I have enjoyed learning how to subtract a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number. Matthew
  • I liked learning about the square based pyramid because I like how I now know its full name. Liam
  • I liked learning about 3D shapes because I learned all the names of each one. Liv
  • I learned that 2D shapes are flat and 3D shapes are not. Sophie,
  • I liked learning about the properties of the 3D shapes and investigating them. Aaron.



Writing/ Grammar: This term we will build on our learning of adjectives, verbs and nouns in our grammar lessons. We will also be focusing on punctuation and how to use a range of marks ag appropriately within our writing. The children will be writing for a variety of purposes including poetry, functional and imaginative.

Talking and Listening: We will continue to develop our talking and listening skills through listening to fables and responding to philosophy stimulus. We have also been enjoying listening and engaging with Newsround and will continue to discuss topical world issues within the classroom this term.

Reading: A focus within reading this term will be developing the children’s prediction skills (using context clues such as title, illustrations and the blurb to make predictions about a story). We will also be investigating the main aspects of a text including character, setting, main events and feelings. We will also be looking at an author’s word choice and be working to create alternatives to simple words.

  • I enjoyed going outside and thinking of all the different sounds and smells to help me write my senses poem about an autumn day. Rahma.
  • I like writing my own stories. Adam
  • I enjoyed making a recipe for friendship soup. It was fun! Sophie
  • I enjoyed writing recipes for rice crispy cakes – Beth
  • I enjoyed predicting what might happen next in my reading book. Liam.
  • I enjoyed using the title, blurb, illustrations and pictures to guess what might happen next. Mya

Health and Wellbeing

Primary 3 will be focusing on balance, rhythm and control through the context of skipping. We will be learning a range of different skipping techniques through group and partner activities.

As part of our health topic the children will be learning about fire and firework safety. They will also be learning about Road safety in their health lessons with Miss Cunningham.

  • I have enjoyed playing the wonky clock concentration game in a group.
  • I enjoyed practicing my hand eye coordination in our lessons on focus and concentration.
  • I enjoyed skipping because I learned how to do lots of different kind of skips.



Our class IDL context this term will focus on ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ novel written by Jill Tomlinson. We will be covering a range of experiences and outcomes related to this topic.

Some of the areas that Primary 3 will be learning about this term include:

  • Nocturnal creatures
  • Day and Night
  • Our Senses
  • A range of literacy activities related to the novel.
  • We will also be linking our learning of shape to make 2D and 3D owls.



I enjoyed answering questions about the different chapters in the story – Adam.

I enjoyed investigating which materials were reflective – Paige.

I liked using Adobe Spark to retell the story in my own words.

I enjoyed doing the different owl art


P2/3M Reflection Leaflet

P2/3M Term 2 Reflections


P2/3M have thought about the things they enjoyed learning about this term. Please have a look at their comments below.  J

  • “I liked learning new words in Mandarin. My favourite was learning about the animal names and the numbers in the songs.” – Owen
  • “My favourite thing to learn was maths. I liked adding and taking away.  I know that I can use my fingers, hundred square, and sometimes jumps to help me.  I love chimney sums!” – Lewis
  • “Craft has been my favourite thing. I really liked making the winter slope card, it was fun!” – Katie
  • “I loved the Sound Safari, it was fun because we got to go to the woods! I would like to go out to the woods more to learn things.” – Evie
  • “Writing has been the best for me. I liked writing the Sound Safari acrostic poem because I had lots of ideas from the woods and what we did with Ranger Simon.” – Okoiza
  • “I loved listening to ‘The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark’. I loved all of it. My favourite character was Plop and his family.” – Makayla
  • “I really liked doing more crafts. My favourite was making the snowmen cards.” – Emma
  • “Maths! Chimney sums were my favourite.  I like them because they make sense to me.” – Harrison
  • “Being a star in ‘Och Aye the News!’, I liked the stage and singing.” – Chebia
  • I enjoyed making Plop the owl out of leaves. That was a different kind of art and it was fun!” – Zoe
  • “I liked taking away with tens. I liked using the cubes. I really like learning loads of stuff at school all of the time!” – Archie
  • “My favourite thing was listening to ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the dark’. I liked how he was scared at first but once he knew more about the dark he liked it!  It was a happy ending.” – Leah
  • “I like maths. Counting!” – Hamzah
  • “I liked doing more crafts and going on the Sound Safari.” – Kate
  • “I liked making videos on the Ipad with Adobe Spark.” – Stacey
  • “Maths. I like doing my ‘Big Maths Beat That’ because I like being timed.” – Cole
  • “Our light topic experiments. I would probably say that my favourite was testing reflective and non-reflective things because it was the hardest.” – Holly
  • “All of the different reading tasks because I like to read.” – Ava
  • “I like drama because of all of the different things we do. I liked learning to be night animals best.” – Ryan








Be Safe Be Seen


Our P1-3 children listened very carefully during our road safety assembly today. We watched a video to help us remember the importance of being seen during the darker walks to school. Fergus the frog came along to help the boys and girls, his head torch helps him find all the juiciest flies in the early morning! We also had two further visitors to help with our assembly, Sarah and Ian from ‘READ Cased Hole Ltd’. They told the children about how they keep oil wells safe, and wanted to help the children stay safe by giving them all a reflective snap band. Archie and Jessica took part in their competition- how many reflective bands can they snap on to Mrs McDonald’s arms before the timer runs out! Both of them did a brilliant job, although Mrs McDonald’s arms were a little tingly for a while afterwards!! A big thank you to READ for their kind donation of the reflective bands, and also the donation of a teacher goody bag which included a stress ball! (This will definitely come in handy as the Christmas Show draws ever closer!!)

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P2W Learning Leaflet Term 2

P2W Learning Leaflet Term 2


This term we are doing time. We have revised o’clock and half past. We will touch upon quarter past and quarter to. We will also cover days of the week, months of the year and seasons, particularly focusing on what happens at certain times.

We will continue to improve our mental recall of number facts (Learn Its) at speed. Most children now have a good grasp of the jigsaw number that make 10, so we can extend that to fact families within addition and subtraction. We will also be covering doubles up to 10 + 10.

Into December we will start money work. We will start by looking at the coins and linking this to addition and subtraction.



This term we will be focusing on comprehension tasks and looking closer at the characters in the books, the settings and the main ideas of the story. We have also be starting to evaluate what we have read, completing simple book reviews and rating our books. The pupil’s will start to share their opinions and thoughts about what they have read and explain why they think this.


We are focusing on poetry. Each week we will try writing a different type of poem, linked to our Diwali topic. We have already tried a cinquain poem, a senses poem and a rhyming poem.

Into December we will start instruction writing. This will encourage the children to think about sequencing their instructions logically and give them the opportunity to try some functional writing.


We have now covered all the P2 common words and will now learn to spell words that go with our weekly sounds. The next blends are sc, sk, sp, st, sm, sn, tw, dw.

Health and Wellbeing


We will continue to work on movement and patterns. The pupils have been creating their own sequences of movements by themselves, with a partner and in a small group. This involves concentration and co-ordination.

We will also look at ball skills – throwing and catching and aiming.

Also see Miss Cunningham’s plans for Health and Wellbeing.



Our topic is Diwali. The festival of light takes place between October and November and links well with Bonfire/Fireworks Night. The focus is RME and learning a little about Hinduism. We have been comparing Hindu beliefs with those of Christians, and learning how to be respectful of others opinions and beliefs. We have looked at the story of Rama and Sita and how Diwali began. We have also looked at how Diwali is celebrated now.

The work we are doing on celebrations and festivals should lead nicely into Christmas.


P1C Wee Green Spaces

Mrs McDonald and the boys and Girls in P1C visited the Wee Green Space on Friday 4th November. They remembered all the safety rules from their time in Nursery and told our new children all about their nursery visits. The boys and girls completed an exploration task where they had to find an ‘Autumn treasure’ to take back to school. Many of the children chose leaves of differing colours and pine cones. Their next task was to listen carefully to the story ‘Stickman’ and then find a suitable stick which they thought looked just like the Stickman or his wife ‘Stick Lady Love’. That afternoon the boys and girls had the very busy job of bringing their stick to life with a variety of materials. Our Stickmen and stick ladies are on display in the P1 classroom, and they look great!img_6275 img_6273 img_6274 img_6272 img_6271 img_6269 img_6255 img_6263 img_6265 img_6266 img_6267 img_6268 img_6238 img_6237 img_6236 img_6233 img_6232 img_6231 img_6260 img_6262 img_6228 img_6229 img_6230 img_6253 img_6254 img_6255 img_6256 img_6257 img_6258 img_6252 img_6251 img_6250 img_6249 img_6248 img_6245 img_6228 img_6276 img_6240 img_6241 img_6243 img_6244