Term 4 Learning Leaflet

Term 3 Learning Leaflet

As you may already be aware our topic this term is The Rainforest! We have already started to label the areas on a map to show where in the world rainforests are found. We are excited to be working with a local textiles artist who will be helping us to transform our classroom into a lush and leafy environment!
We will also be:
*working in groups to research and discuss how rainforests are formed.
*illustrating the way in which rainforests are structured.
*categorising animals, plants and insects found in the rainforest.
*planning and carrying out an observational experiment, where we will collect information about weather and climate in our local area and compare our findings with what we find out about the rainforest’s weather and climate.
*using the internet to research how the way we live affects the Earth’s resources.
*investigate developments within the field of sustainable energy, and consider the impact on rainforests.
*comparing and contrasting aspects of Scottish scenery, wildlife, climate and transport systems with the rainforests.
*outlining the reasons as to why we do not have rainforests in Scotland, despite the amount of rain that we get!

This term we will continue to chose new novels to read and discuss within our groups. We will also be reading a range of texts to gather information about rainforests, such as non-fiction books, posters, leaflets and websites. We will be continually completing reading comprehension tasks related to the rainforest and our group novels. In order to make information gathering more effective, all children will be learning how to skim and scan for information.

Listening and Talking:
*All will be actively participating in a debate about deforestation, using evidence to back up points.
*Some will be taking part in ‘hot-seating’ to play and appreciate the role of a logger.

For writing:
*We will be learning to use headings and sub headings to make note taking more effective.
*writing a letter to a logger to persuade him to stop and consider his/her actions.
*writing a letter to a company to persuade them to recycle more paper, making reference to the effects of deforestation.
*independently self correcting using a dictionary.
*creating a mind-map detailing what has been learned in relation to rainforests.
*writing an imaginative piece set in the rainforest, using interesting vocabulary, a variety of openers, a range of connectives and punctuation to up-level work.

In maths we are focusing on decimal numbers, fractions and time.
We will be investigating and ordering fractions and mixed numbers, finding simple equivalents, finding fractions of quantities, adding and subtracting fractions with common denominators and We will also be working with decimal/percentage equivalents and will continue with our weekly CLIC sessionsto improve our mental agility.

Health and Wellbeing
In PE this term we will be developing hockey skills and a learning to play a variety of team games.
There will be a specific focus on Fair-trade and we will be learning about how Fair-trade helps improve trading conditions and sustainability.
We hope to see you at the Fair-trade café on Sports Day!

Things to remember:
Library- Mondays
PE- Mondays and Wednesdays
Drama – Friday afternoon with Miss Cunningham
Mandarin – Thursdays
French – P6 only, every Wednesday.
Homework- Please refer to the new homework guidelines and recommended websites/activities if you have not done so already.
In addition to this, there will be a topic specific task given to the children spanning over 3 weeks: they will be tasked with using the internet and reference books to gather information on a rainforest of their choosing and create a simple PowerPoint or poster to display their research.  Other homework will be scaled back to accommodate this task.
If you have any questions please feel free to come and see me.
Miss Kraish.

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