Primary 3 Learning Leaflet

Glashieburn School

Primary 3 Learning Leaflet

Information for Parents

Term 4


This term Primary 3 will continue to focus on multiplication. They will be focusing on using a range of formal and mental strategies to learn their 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 times tables. We will also be covering division, data handling and time this term. Primary 3 will also be recapping on their number process skills and will follow a short unit focused on addition, subtraction and place value.

Through daily CLIC sessions they will be developing a variety of mental math strategies


Writing: This term in writing we will be focusing on both functional and imaginative writing. Through our IDL context we will be writing for a range of purposes. This will include: story writing using imaginative and creative stimulus, fact files, posters, newspaper articles and leaflets.

Grammar: This term in grammar we will be learning how to use a thesaurus, paragraphing, using speech marks and past, present and future tense.

Talking and Listening: This term Primary 3 will be asked to prepare a short class talk based on their IDL context. This will focus on using body language, tone and answering audience questions. They will continue to contribute their opinions within class circle times and further extend their debating skills within the class tasks.

Reading: This term in reading the class will be focusing on retrieving relevant information from fiction and non-fiction texts. They will be learning to source information online and use the information correctly. They will also be learning to scan a text for information. They will continue to use book detective skills within their reading tasks and encouraged to read with fluency and accuracy.

The children will also be focusing on non-fiction texts through their IDL context and will be learning how to use a glossary, index and contents pages independently.

Health and Wellbeing

Primary 3 will be focusing on developing skills and techniques and improving their level of performance. They will be covering Athletics and Orienteering this term.

The class will also be learning about Food and Nutrition in their health lessons with Miss Cunningham.


P3’s IDL context this term will focus on ‘My Local Area’. We will be covering a range of social and  geographical experiences and outcomes related to this topic.

Some of the areas that Primary 3 will be learning about this term include:

  • Geography and map reading skills.
  • Creating maps using accurate keys.
  • Identifying features of the landscape.
  • Identifying our country and continent using a world map.
  • Researching the historical context of Bridge of Don.
  • Researching and learning about local landmarks, buildings and places of interest.
  • Visiting important local buildings.
  • Going on a  variety of community based trips including the local library, residential homes, sports centre and outdoor areas.

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