P5C Term 4 Learning Leaflet

P5C Learning Leaflet:


Reading – This term each group will be focusing on different stories.  We will focus on predicting the text, characterisation and setting.  The Sapphires and Emeralds will be looking at inference as well.  We will also further develop our knowledge of literal and inferential questions.

Writing: We will be focusing on VCOP and how to use this in our writing.  We will demonstrate this by writing a narrative story, information reports and a persuasive piece.  Writing is taught over 3 weeks – planning, writing, editing and assessing.

Listening and Talking: Throughout this term we will use our listening and talking skills through various group and pair work in different aspects of the curriculum.  Children will take part in a personal project talk this term which will be prepared as homework.  Homework will be scaled back to accommodate this as per our new homework guidelines.


Number: This term we will be focusing on fractions decimals and percentages. The Diamonds will be consolidating their knowledge of division and developing their understanding of fractions and decimals.  The Squares will develop their knowledge and understanding of percentages and negative numbers. We will be consolidating and securing our knowledge and understanding of choosing correct operations to calculate sums in word problems.

Measurement and Information Handling: Both groups will be looking at measuring length, calculating perimeter and area.  They will also look at different graphs and how we can gather and analyse information on tables and charts.

Problem Solving: This term we will be focusing on 2 strategies, find a pattern and logical reasoning.  We will be using written and active activities to help develop our skills.  We will further our knowledge of word problems using RUCSAC.


Health and Wellbeing:

P.E: In P.E we will be focusing on hockey, working on control skills.  We will also focus on badminton later in the term.

Health: This aspect of Health and Wellbeing will be taught by Miss Cunningham.  As a class we have started Class Dojo to help us promote positive behaviour in school.  We will focus on a social skill a week and earn dojo points to become a VIP pupil.  We will also be looking at a mini topic of “Our Bodies” focusing on bones, organs and how the different systems work in our bodies.

IDL: This term we will have two mini topics.  The first will be “Natural Disasters”, focusing on formation of tornadoes, volcanoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis.  We will also look at the devastation that these natural disasters cause throughout the world.  The second topic will focus on local news.  We have been split into groups and have started our own news channel/newspaper.  We will look at Bridge of Don community and our school community and report on exciting events that happen in our area.  We will interview people about different issues that may cause concern in our local area.


Other News:

We have P.E on Tuesday and Friday morning.

Homework will be handed in on Friday and given out on Monday – instructions stuck into jotters.

Library will be on Tuesday.

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