P2W Learning Leaflet Term 4

P2W Learning Leaflet Term 4


We will be finishing off data handling. We have been learning how to draw tally charts, bar graphs, Venn diagrams, Carroll diagrams and pictographs. We have been learning how to collect and record the data. We will also be able to read and answer questions related to graphs, charts and diagrams.

We will then move on to fractions. We will start by learning about halves and quarters. We will make links between our doubles facts and halving and dividing.

We will do some work on subtraction so it is as strong as our addition and look at creating fact families.

We will continue to improve our mental recall of number facts (Learn Its) at speed. This term’s Learn Its are focusing on doubles and making links to multiplication.



This term each reading group has a different focus. The Starfish will be sequencing pictures and building simple sentences that match these. The Seahorses will be answering simple cloze procedure sentences from a given set of words. The Sea Turtles will be learning to sequence summarised sentences in a logical order. The Jellyfish will be learning to make notes and use these to summarise the book they have read.


Our topic will be a literacy based topic this term so we will complete a wide range of written work related to the book/s.


We are consolidating the common words and continuing to add more to build up our vocabulary. These are the words also used for homework. Spelling words linked to our weekly sounds will now take place in class only.

Health and Wellbeing


We will be building up our athletic skills. We will consider the events that professional athletes take part in and take part in our own versions. We will record and evaluate our progress and share our thoughts on how we can improve our performance. Gym sessions also include team games.

Also see Miss Cunningham’s plans for Health and Wellbeing.

*P2W gym is on Mondays and Thursdays


We will be continuing The Arctic for the first month and this will be the theme of our class assembly.

After this our main topic will be based around a book/books. We will complete a wide variety of literacy based tasks inspired by what we have read. We will be looking closely at how the author brings the characters and settings to life.

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