P1B and C Learning Leaflet Term 4

Learning Leaflet Primary 1

Welcome back to all of our Primary 1 children.


Primary 1 will be learning more about money this term and have the opportunity to develop their awareness of how money is used through varies role play activities. The children will be given the opportunity to identify coins, make totals and calculate change.

Towards the end of term we will be developing our understanding of how information is gathered and displayed. Primary 1 will take part in a range of activities to make tally charts, sets and bar graphs.


Primary 1 will continue to develop their sight vocabulary through their common words. They will also work on decoding trickier words through segmenting and blending using double letter sounds. The children will work on asking and answering questions relating to their reading book to demonstrate their understanding of given texts.


Primary 1 will continue to read fairy tales this term and use these to help them create their own story maps. They will have the opportunity to use their story maps to help them retell these traditional tales in their own words. We will also be practising our functional writing through reports, lists and labelling diagrams.

Health and Wellbeing

In gym e will be practising team games this term in preparations for sports day. Please see Miss Cunningham’s Learning Leaflet for further information.


This term Primary 1 will be learning about life cycles. We will be growing our own plants and observing which conditions are best to grow strong and healthy plants. The children will also take part in a range of practical activities to develop their understanding of animal life cycles such as – chickens and butterflies.

If you have any questions please feel free to come and ask us at any point.

Miss Conroy and Miss Boyle

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