Term 3 Learning Leaflet

A Happy New Year to all! The following is a summary of the intended learning for term 3 in 5/6K:


To celebrate the famous works of Robert Burns, we will:

* Recite and analyse poems by the Scottish poet.

*Explore how language and structural devices are used
in poetry to create powerful responses.

*Experiment with ways in which we can use our voices, facial
expressions and body language to perform poetry.

We will also continue to read various novels in our reading groups, with a view to learn:

*  To empathise with a character and explore possible reasons for their is actions and consider decisions they might make.

* To explore narrative plot, settings, characters and draw
inferences to aid comprehension.

Aside from imaginative writing we will also be learning to write explanation texts based on our I.D.L topic, The Human Body. We will also be writing and structuring letters to ‘pen pals’ as part of our continued relationship with the Nana Gobina school in Takoradi (See term 2 Learning Leaflet).

For 30 minutes every Friday, we will be ‘buddying up’ with Primary 1 pupils, for Paired Reading.  Using this approach to reading helps to help increase fluency and communication skills.


We will learn about The Human Body. We will be studying:

The skeleton ( its functions and development from infancy to adulthood).

The body’s vital organs and muscles (with a specific focus on how to keep them healthy).

We will also be gaining a basic understanding of the circulatory, digestive, and central nervous systems.

Health and Wellbeing 

Through the context of Tennis, we will work on acquiring various skills, with less emphasis on competition.  Skills include: the ability to apply knowledge gained to play tennis in a safe way, the ability to explain the rules and cognitive skills necessary for this type of sport and the ability to demonstrate appropriate sportsmanship  etiquette.

A focussed health and wellbeing lesson, linking to our Science topic  will be delivered on a Tuesday morning, by Miss Cunningham. (See Miss Cunningham’s learning leaflet)


5/6K will be studying Buddhism this term.  In doing so they will be gaining knowledge about the story of Buddha, the guiding Buddhist principles and the cultural practices found in countries that have high numbers of people that identify with the faith. The pupils will also evaluate commonalities found in Buddhism and other world religions.


In their Numeracy groups, all will continually revise and consolidate their mental and written number strategies to solve calculations in relation to the four operations.

As a class we will be studying the properties of different triangles.  We will also investigate their technology/strength, discussing their relevance in everyday life, architecture and engineering. We will then move on to exploring, identifying and measuring different types of angles.

Things to remember:
Library- Mondays
PE- Mondays and Wednesdays
Drama – Friday afternoon with Miss Cunningham
Mandarin – Thursdays
French – P6 only, every Wednesday.
Homework- Please refer to the new homework guidelines and recommended websites/activities if you have not done so already.
If you have any questions please feel free to come and see me.
Miss Kraish.

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