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Primary 4S Learning Leaflet


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Term 3



During Term 3, Primary 4S will be investigating how different combinations of coins and notes can be used to pay for goods or be given in change. The pupils will also be furthering their skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Pupils will be extending these skills through duplication and halving, pattern making and when completing sums and problems with 3 or more digit numbers. Pupils will also be applying these four processes when working with money. Nearing the end of term, pupils will develop their understanding and practice of recognizing and making fractions.



P4S will finish the revision of the third join and begin to revise the fourth join, ensuring correct formation and height of letters. We are pushing to expand the joins and skills we learn in handwriting into all areas of writing. During writing, and tied into our topic, pupils will be constructing dinosaur fact files based around a specific period: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. Alongside, these non-fiction works, pupils will be creating their own imaginative stories around archeological digs and early man livelihoods. Additionally, during the cultural China weeks’ pupils will be practicing their skills of writing speech and directing movements for group play scripts. During reading, all reading groups will be expanding their expression and fluency as well as comprehension skills of identifying events, character details and inferring details within their reading books.


Health and Wellbeing

Through physical education, pupils will continue to develop their skills in hockey, including passing, receiving and stopping the ball. They will use these skills to participate in a small sided team game. Pupils will also be building their leadership and responsibility skills by participating in and managing team-building exercises. Team work within large and small groups will be built on, looking at the best ways to work in a team, support one another and reflect on activities.

P4S will also be considering where the food we eat comes from and how it gets to our plates as well as the different nutritional needs of different people and ages.




Prrimary 4’s topic this term is covering Dinosaurs and Early Man. Through creating our own dinosaur fact files we have been learning how to research facts, which facts are relevant and which texts contain facts and not fiction. We will be creating our own dinosaur food chains and investigating different types of fossils and how they are formed. Pupils will be finding out about the job of a palaeontologist and the importance of fossils and what they can tell us. During technology pupils will develop confidence and skills when using apps and software to present and share learning. They will learn about safe and responsible use of technologies, including the internet.

Pupils will learn about the symptoms of some common infections caused by germs. They will develop an understanding of how germs spread and discuss how some methods of preventing and treating disease have changed over the years. We will also looking into the details of how early man ate, expressed themselves, wrote and lived.


Other News 

This term, the whole school is taking part in two cultural China weeks. During these weeks P4 will be visited by a Soo Yang Do instructor, paper cutting instructor and be introduced to classical Chinese music. This term the pupils have been given new table places and created new table names. The names this term are: the dangerous T-rex, the Raptor Claws, Jurassic Park, the Spinosaurous and the Young Paleontologists.

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