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Primary 3 Learning Leaflet

Information for Parents

Term 3


Primary three will continue to focus on subtraction this term. We will be extending our learning by subtracting 2 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers (with and without regrouping). We will be developing our number skills through using a range of subtraction methods. We will also be working with money up to £10 and transferring our skills of addition and subtraction within this context. We will be focusing on multiplication and exploring and learning the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables. Primary 3 will also be learning about symmetry and angles this term.

Through daily CLIC sessions they will be developing a variety of mental math strategies


Writing: This term in writing we will be focusing on both functional and imaginative writing. Through our IDL context we will be writing for a range of purposes. This will include: fact files, instructions, characterisation based writing, diary entries, newspaper articles and some basic script writing. As part of our writing focus this term we will be learning how to effectively use a written and pictorial plan to enhance our written pieces.

Grammar: This term in grammar we will be focusing on alphabetical order and we will extend this by investigating how to use a dictionary independently. We will also be learning about proper nouns, adverbs, using a comma appropriately and how to correctly use a and an.

Talking and Listening: This term Primary 3 will be focusing on their class assembly as part of their talking and listening. We will be developing our confidence in engaging with an audience using good pace, gesture and tone. The children will also be asked to prepare a short class talk based on Ancient Egypt.

Reading: This term in reading the class will be focusing on evaluation and characterisation. The children will be exploring character actions, emotions and their opinions of these. They will also be creating book reviews and evaluating the texts they read through explaining their preferences, likes and dislikes of a text. The children will also be focusing on non-fiction texts through their IDL context and will be learning how to use a glossary, index and contents pages independently.

Health and Wellbeing

Primary 3 will be focusing on developing skills and techniques and improving their level of performance and fitness. They will be developing skills in teamwork and cooperation and learning to extend their fitness levels through various activities.

The class will also be learning about Food and Nutrition in their health lessons with Miss Cunningham.


P3’s  IDL context this term will focus on ‘Ancient Egypt’. We will be covering a range of historical and geographical experiences and outcomes related to this topic.

Some of the areas that Primary 3 will be learning about this term include:

  • Geography, landscape and map reading skills.
  • Social order of Ancient Egypt
  • History of the pyramids
  • The life of a pharaoh
  • Food and drink in Ancient Egypt
  • Childhood in Ancient Egypt
  • Death rituals – including mummification
  • Egyptian recipes
  • Traditional Egyptian tales
  • Egyptian gods/ goddesses











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