P2/3M’s Learning Leaflet for Term 3

P2/3M Learning Leaflet Term 3


This term P2/3M will be covering the following topics in maths;

  • Fact families – Finding the link between addition and subtraction facts.
  • Money – Recognise all coins/notes to £2 (P2) to £20 (P3), find totals and give change from 20p (P2) and £1 (P3) and find equivalences to 10p (P2), 20p, 50p and £1 (P3).
  • Data Handling – Collecting and sorting information using tables and tally marks. Creating and interpreting information on simple pictograms and bar graphs (P2) and creating tables, charts, and diagrams to display information (P3).
  • Multiplication and Division – P2 will be counting and ordering in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and learning to double numbers to 20. P3 will be learning their 2,4,8, 5 and 10 times table facts, using these to solve multiplication and division problems.
  • Odds and Evens – P2 will be learning to recognise odd and even numbers to 100, while P3 will be linking their 2, 4 and 10 times tables to odds and evens.
  • Patterns and relationships – describing and continuing number sequences to 20 (P2) and to 100 (P3).



Primary 2 are continuing to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books this term, using their knowledge of phonics and common words to support them.  They will be creating their own questions, sequencing texts and expressing their thoughts about the stories.  Primary 3 will be developing their ‘word attack’ skills, thinking about alternative word choice, devising questions for their peers and evaluating texts.  All groups will also be using ‘Book Detective’ skills before, during and after reading to build on their comprehension.


This term P2/3 are further developing their skills in imaginative and functional/personal writing.  They will be learning to create entertaining characters and settings to use in their stories, and write letters and recipes based on their experiences.  They will be learning about adjectives and descriptive phrases to enhance their writing as well as continually revisiting the core targets (VCOP).

Listening and Talking

This term P2/3M will be asked to prepare a short talk on a topic of their choice to present to their peers.  Further information of this will be issued later in the term.

Health and Well-Being

In health, P2/3 will be learning about how they can keep their bodies healthy now and in the future.  With myself and Miss Cunningham, they will be learning about leading a healthy lifestyle, healthy food choices, the need for exercise to keep fit.  They will also be learning about basic first aid procedures and the importance of personal hygiene, for example hand-washing.

In PE 2/3M developing their determination, resilience, and stamina through fitness lessons.  They will also be developing their creativity, balance and control through movement and gymnastics.


P2/3’s topic until the February break this term is China. The children have so many questions about the country, including its landmarks, traditions, and culture that we are sure to be very busy.   They are very much looking forward to learning more about Chinese New Year, the similarities and differences to Scotland, building their very own dragon and sampling some Chinese cuisine!   P2/3 will have the opportunity to vote for their next topic, we will let you know when we have reached a decision.

Other useful information

  • PE kits will be required on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.
  • Library books will be changed on a Thursday.
  • Homework will follow the new school format. Termly common words, learn-its and a spelling menu can be found in your child’s homework folder.  Maths topics are outlined above and websites are listed in the newsletter.
  • New reading books will be issued on a Monday or a Wednesday depending on the text.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you, Miss Milne




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