Learning Leaflet P2W Term 3


This term we are learning about money. By the end of the topic we will be able to recognise all the coins and have some knowledge of notes. We will be able to add amounts of money and also give change.  We will be able to suggest equivalent coins for a given amount. `We will be able to use money in role play and games.

After money we will concentrate on addition and subtraction facts followed by information handling. By the end of information handling we will be able to sort and organise information using tally marks, pictograms, Carroll diagrams, Venn diagrams and bar graphs. We will also practise collecting information for our charts and graphs.

We will continue to improve our mental recall of number facts (Learn Its) at speed. This term’s Learn Its are focusing on adding on 2 and 3. Children can also continue to practise counting in 5s and 10s. Doubling is coming up in Term 4 if they want to get ahead of the game.




This term each reading group has a different focus. The Starfish will be building and blending words. The Seahorses will be talking about whether their book is fiction or non-fiction and how they know that as well as answering simple questions on their text. The Sea Turtles will be learning to ask question prior to reading their book and answering these questions after reading. The Jellyfish will be learning to organise information from their reading books under headings in lists and charts.


We are focusing on imaginative story writing this term. Now that we have completed work on how to improve our writing using VCOP, this is the perfect opportunity for the children to try out their new skills. Sometimes the writing will be linked to topic.


We are consolidating the common words and continuing to add more to build up our vocabulary. These are the words also used for homework. Spelling words linked to our weekly sounds will now take place in class only.



Health and Wellbeing


We will be building up our skills for net games. Starting from how to work individually with a small piece of equipment (ball, quoit, bean bag) right up to trying out some basic net games. Gym sessions also include team games.

Also see Miss Cunningham’s plans for Health and Wellbeing.

*P2W gym is on Mondays and Thursdays



We are doing a mini China topic that incorporates the 2 China weeks already planned for the whole school. The children are enjoying learning about the traditions and culture of China. They are also being encouraged to use their knowledge of Mandarin more.

After this our main topic will be The Arctic. At the end of last term the children were asked for ideas of what they would like to do as their topic. A very strong interest in all kinds of animals shone through. Places were also mentioned and ideas of ice and snow and winter. So we combined these ideas and settled on The Arctic. So we will be looking at the place and who lives there as a focus. We are excited!


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