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Primary 4S Reflection Leaflet

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Term 2



This term Primary 4S have been building on our number processing skills. We have been playing number games, working independently as well as helping each other to learn other ways to work out complicated sums.

Glenn: ‘I liked the maths games, especially the number card games’.

Maslin: ‘I liked the worksheets, with all the different sums’.

Hayden: ‘I liked playing on education city’.

We have also been learning about how to read and write simple grid references and exploring position and movement, including compass points and angles.

Dania: ‘I enjoyed the Christmas coordinate sheet, Santa’s Delivery’.



Through the weather topic we created, edited and used specific forecaster language to present our own forecasts to the class. This has helped us build our skills of planning and editing as well as improved our confidence during presentations.

Jamie C: ‘I really enjoyed making and planning our winter weather forecast. I liked when we got to use our imagination so it didn’t have to be real one’.

We have also used our positive and persuasive language to apply to become elves, of which the whole class were successful and now have their own elf names.

Alice: ‘I liked getting our elf names, my name was Perky Superplum’.

Chloe L: ‘My elf name was Bubbles Monkey-buns’.

Additionally, we have been practicing our skill of identifying and correctly using adverbs and comparative and superlative adjectives in sentences.

Miller; ‘An adverb is like when you are describing a verb, like fastly’.

This term in reading we have been furthering our ability to give predictions of what may happen next in our reading books, as well as picking our uncommon words and exploring their meanings.

Alana: ‘ I predicted that Croup would fall in to the water, in the Little Lighthouse Keeper’.

We have also been expanding our language by offering alternative words as replacements for words in our reading books. During reading we will also be developing our dictionary skills as well as our skills of using speech marks and offering alternative language.

Lyall ‘ I’ve replace the word children with kids’.

Matthew: ‘I replaced white with blank’.

During handwriting we have been revising the second join and third joins, ensuring correct formation and height of letters.

Alex: ‘In handwriting, when I’m doing it I’m always practicing the right height, and when I get it wrong I rub it out’.


Health and Wellbeing

The pupils have been looking into how our emotions are effected by the things that we do and things that happen to us. To promote more positive recognition in the class P4S have started an ‘Acts of Kindness’ Jar to show that kindness does not go unnoticed.

Aarav: ‘ I said in my note that when I was going into the gym hall, Alex held the door for me. I think the jar was a good idea’.

During P.E we have begun to develop our skills in passing, receiving and stopping the ball through hockey practice. Pupils have explored pattern, sequence making and coordination through dance and movement. Pupils have both peer and self-assessed the routines developed in class and practiced teamwork with their partners.

Jessie: ‘ I liked Hockey because it was fun, and I liked it when we were going round the hall and we had to follow each other’.

Bethany: ‘ I really liked expressing myself and doing different movements. I like being really big’.



Primary 4S’s topics this term have been Weather and Winter Workshop. Pupils have explored the instruments that are used to measure weather and looked into how the weather and climate of different parts of the world impact people.

Nathan, Chichi and Bailey: ‘The parts of the weather station are: anemometer, thermometer, weather vane and rain gauge.’

Pupils also explored extreme weather. They researched and found out how to prepare for extreme weather events and stay safe.

Hayley – ‘When we were making our leaflets, Emily B and I did thunder and lightning. We made sure that we both wrote down facts and draw pictures on every part’.


The whole class has been spending 5 minutes a day looking into the different traditions countries have when celebrating Christmas. Pupils have also looked into the other festivals that are celebrated this time of year such as; New Years Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice and Sikh Celebration of the birthday of the 10th Guru.

Maslin: ‘My first fact was that a boy or girl 8-10 years old they did the speaking for the church at midnight’.


During RME, P4S have explored the beginning of Sikhism and the 5Ks.

Georgia: ‘ They use knives to defend people and themselves, as part of the 5 Ks of Sikhism’


Finally, through expressive arts and technology, pupils have created their own tree decorations, planned and labeled their own kites and learnt weather themed music with Mrs. Hamilton. P4S have also, gathered information on different places to travel and made their own leaflets.

Emily B: ‘I was finding out about India with Aarav. I learnt that there is a temple and I thought that was only in China’.

Glen S: ‘I liked it when we were singing 7 feet of snow song in Music’.

Other News 

Mandarin lessons, with specialist Miss Shu, have explored different ways to introduce themselves, practiced their numbers and begin to start conversations, such as ‘how are you?’.

Jamie M: ‘I liked learning the Chinese songs with Miss Shu’.

All tables have been trying their best to gain marbles this term, showing off good individual skills and group work. Table winners have changed from week to week with the; Sunny Tornados winning once, Stormies twice, Rainbows twice, Hurricane Horrors twice and Snowdrops thrice. Well done P4S.


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