P2W Reflection Leaflet

P2W Reflection Leaflet Term 2

I asked the children if they could talk to me about their learning. Here is what they had to say.


Time – revision of o’clock, half past, learning quarter past and quarter to, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, when things happen, how to use a calendar, the passing of time, digital and analogue clocks

‘I learnt that 6 is half past so I know all the half pasts’ – Cameron

‘We learnt about half past and quarter to and quarter past’ – Richie

‘I have enjoyed learning about times and I am glad I know what time to get up at to get the taxi!’ –Iona

‘I like the o’clock times’ – Jayden

‘We were doing digital clocks’ – Kai

‘It is good to know time’ – Ryan

‘I liked learning about calendars’ – Aeryn

‘There are 4 seasons’ – Jay

‘I have learnt quarter to 10’ – May

‘I liked those season trees!’ – Tom

‘I can put the seasons in order – spring, summer, autumn, winter’ – Jack

‘I wore my watch to school and home time was 3 o’clock’ – Finlay M

‘Home time is 3 o’clock’ – Finlay K

‘There are 4 seasons. It is winter’ – Thomas


Learn Its

‘I think they are quite easy. I can do them like a flash’ – Max

‘The Beat That test is a little bit easy. I can do the sums really fast’ – Jakub

‘I know my jigsaw numbers and my doubles’ – Amber

‘I am brilliant at maths!’ – Tom

‘I like harder sums in Beat That’ – Ava


Reading – Story map comprehension tasks.

‘I liked the owl, bird and ostrich story map’ – Cameron

‘We have been learning how to draw story maps’ – Richie

‘You need to know which way to go on a story map’ – Isla


Writing – Poetry and instructions. How have you been trying to improve your writing?

‘The instructions were hard but I liked the one about building a snowman’ – Cameron

‘We have been learning about instructions and poems. I try to get a gold sticker – I have got it twice’ – Richie

‘I like writing long sentences – it is my favourite’ – Iona

‘I like it because you can get stickers for good work’ – Jayden

‘Writing is easy. I like instructions’ – Ryan

‘I am trying to fill up the whole page with good sentences’ – Max

‘I am putting in effort to writing instructions and poems’ – Jakub

‘I liked writing poems about Diwali’ – Lana

‘I liked writing instructions for musical statues. I am working hard at writing’ – Aeryn

‘I am getting better every time at writing’ – Jay

‘I am good at writing because I practise at home too’ – May

‘I like instructions. I am trying to make my writing neat’ – Jessica

‘I am trying to get finished and get a sticker’ – Amber

‘I am putting in exclamation marks and trying to spell words correctly’ – Jack

‘I have been trying my best. I like instructions’ – Ava

‘I love very much writing’ – Julie

‘I like cool writing putting the pictures in order’ – Cody



‘I like spelling words to help me with writing and reading’ – Iona

‘I am good at spelling. It is helping me with reading’ – Lana

Health and Wellbeing

PE – Movement and patterns, aiming, concentration and co-ordination.

‘We have been making patterns. We sometimes need a partner’ – Jay

‘I like the games. We were making patterns with our bodies’ – Thomas

‘We have to count to make a pattern. We also throw the bean bags in hoops’ – Jakub


IDL – What have you enjoyed about our Diwali topic?

‘I liked when we made lanterns’ – Cameron

‘The story of Diwali tells us what happened before the Festival of Light’ – Richie

‘I liked the story of it’ – Iona

‘I like all the lights’ – Jayden

‘I liked writing about Rama and Sita’ – Kai

‘It is fun!’ – Ryan

‘I liked when Ravana captured Sita and she dropped her jewellery’ – Max

‘I liked the story of Rama and Sita’ – Jakub, Aeryn, Jack

‘The lights are bright’ – Jay

‘Diwali is the Festival of Light’ – Finlay M

‘I liked drawing the patterns of henna on a hand’ – May

‘I like when the ladies paint their hands with different designs’ – Ava

‘It is the Festival of Light’ – Jessica

‘I liked the henna hand designs’ – Amber

‘I liked making a paper diva lamp’ – Tom

‘I liked the lanterns’ – Julie

‘I liked the patterns on the hands’ – Isla

‘I liked the bad king Ravana!’ – Cody

‘I liked doing the lantern. I loved it!’ (talking about his firework painting) – Finlay K

‘I liked all the Diwali jobs’ – Thomas

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