P2/3M Reflection Leaflet

P2/3M Term 2 Reflections


P2/3M have thought about the things they enjoyed learning about this term. Please have a look at their comments below.  J

  • “I liked learning new words in Mandarin. My favourite was learning about the animal names and the numbers in the songs.” – Owen
  • “My favourite thing to learn was maths. I liked adding and taking away.  I know that I can use my fingers, hundred square, and sometimes jumps to help me.  I love chimney sums!” – Lewis
  • “Craft has been my favourite thing. I really liked making the winter slope card, it was fun!” – Katie
  • “I loved the Sound Safari, it was fun because we got to go to the woods! I would like to go out to the woods more to learn things.” – Evie
  • “Writing has been the best for me. I liked writing the Sound Safari acrostic poem because I had lots of ideas from the woods and what we did with Ranger Simon.” – Okoiza
  • “I loved listening to ‘The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark’. I loved all of it. My favourite character was Plop and his family.” – Makayla
  • “I really liked doing more crafts. My favourite was making the snowmen cards.” – Emma
  • “Maths! Chimney sums were my favourite.  I like them because they make sense to me.” – Harrison
  • “Being a star in ‘Och Aye the News!’, I liked the stage and singing.” – Chebia
  • I enjoyed making Plop the owl out of leaves. That was a different kind of art and it was fun!” – Zoe
  • “I liked taking away with tens. I liked using the cubes. I really like learning loads of stuff at school all of the time!” – Archie
  • “My favourite thing was listening to ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the dark’. I liked how he was scared at first but once he knew more about the dark he liked it!  It was a happy ending.” – Leah
  • “I like maths. Counting!” – Hamzah
  • “I liked doing more crafts and going on the Sound Safari.” – Kate
  • “I liked making videos on the Ipad with Adobe Spark.” – Stacey
  • “Maths. I like doing my ‘Big Maths Beat That’ because I like being timed.” – Cole
  • “Our light topic experiments. I would probably say that my favourite was testing reflective and non-reflective things because it was the hardest.” – Holly
  • “All of the different reading tasks because I like to read.” – Ava
  • “I like drama because of all of the different things we do. I liked learning to be night animals best.” – Ryan








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