Nursery Term 2 Reflection Leaflet


Nursery Reflection Leaflet 2016

Term 2 is well underway and we are embracing the beginning of Christmas madness!

We have now completed Term 2 and the madness is over, for now!!!


This term we are working hard to develop our fine motor skills.  This will be done through adult focussed activities including using scissors, holding a pencil correctly, manipulation of playdough, activities using the Nursery Finger Gym that has been set up and using cutlery at the snack table.

The children enjoyed lots of different activities to help develop their fine motor skills, these will be continued throughout the rest of the school term.

All of the children have been learning the songs for the Christmas shows, the morning children will be performing “The Wriggly Nativity” and the afternoon children will be singing a variety of Christmas songs.  Morning children will be issued with a note soon advising you of your child’s part and what they should wear.

The children were fantastic in their performance of “The Wriggle Nativity”, all of the staff are very proud of all of your children.  A huge well done also to the afternoon children who sang a selection of Christmas songs to friends and family around our Nursery Christmas tree.

During the month of December we also had twin elves causing havoc in our Nursery, their antics prompted much laughter and conversation from the children!


The children have been exploring our new maths resource “Numicon” in more depth.   This is something that will continue and be used throughout the whole school.  The morning children will be exploring sequences and patterns as well as further developing their number knowledge.  There will be opportunities for the children to sort, share and match objects through all areas of the Nursery.

The afternoon children will be given opportunities to explore colour and pattern through hands on experiences and activities including painting, printing and using Numicon.

The morning children have had opportunities to explore numeracy activities outdoors through counting and matching activities, they have explore numeracy in the gym hall through games and they have been learning developing counting through Christmas songs.

The afternoon children have enjoyed opportunities to explore colours in the local environment as well as mixing colours, printing and matching colours through games.

Health and Well Being

This term, children and staff have established a good tooth brushing routine, this is done first thing in the morning as the children arrive.  This is optional for the children and should not be replacing the brushing of teeth at home.

All children took part in a focused activity, where they were given opportunities to brush and clean teeth, this promted conversations on the importance of brushing teeth.

With the dark nights approaching the staff with be discussing with the children the importance of staying safe.  This will be done through stories, role play opportunities, games and discussions.

This will be ongoing through to the start of next term.

The children are now very aware of the Wee Green Spaces routine and are embracing the outdoor opportunities.  They are engaging well and demonstrate creativity in the forest.  The adult focus for each session will come from the children and staff will plan challenging learning experiences accordingly.  Nursery staff have recently been on “Loose Parts” Training, this involves the children exploring and using their imagination to create and build.  They are given a variety of different materials and resources during these sessions.

We have now got a new container in our Nursery garden which contains a selection of loose parts for our “Loose Parts” play.  The children have been enthusiastic about this initiative and have demonstrated lots of creativity.  This has been a fantastic opportunity for staff to hold conversations with the children about what they have made and what they have used to do so.

Please check the day before Wee Green Spaces to make sure that it has not been cancelled for any reason.

The morning children have also been given a slot with our music specialist Miss Hamilton, your child will go to music on the week they are not at Wee Green Spaces.

The children responded well to the music sessions we had this term, they listened well and picked up the songs quickly.  They were both engaged and enthusiastic.  The children have now got into the routine of our Wee Green Space and we hope to get this back up and running early 2017.  Again we thank our parent helpers, without you we would not be able to visit the forest.

Wishing all of the children and their families a wonderful Christmas and a happy 2017!

Glashieburn Nursery Team

As always, please share any concerns or questions you have with a member of the Nursery Team.

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