P7W Reflection Leaflet

Our learning in Term 2- Written by Phoebe, Tai-Leigh, Deshawn, Kieran and Aaron

In groups we have been reading a variety of chapter books. We have also been reading short stories and poems to improve our comprehension. As a class we have been reading ‘I know what you did last Wednesday’ by Anthony Horowitz. It is a crime novel where we had to predict who the murderer was out of the main characters. This term we have been writing about our CSI topic- we have written newspaper articles, science reports and job adverts. Some of us have learned how to use an app called Adobe Spark to help us to write stories. We are looking forward to teaching the rest of the class how to use it next term. For listening and talking we have been watching Newsround and discussing what is happening in the world. We have also been using discussion questions and brain teasers- some of them are very tricky!

This term in maths P7W have been working on whole number. The Emeralds and Amethysts have recently been focusing on equations which has broadened our knowledge and improved our maths skills. The Emeralds have also been learning about significant figures and co-ordinates which was new to us but now we are confident with both. The Amethysts have been learning new written methods for multiplication and addition using large numbers. The Sapphires have been focusing on addition, subtraction and multiplication strategies.

Our topic this term was CSI. We have been doing lot’s of activities and we even had to investigate our own crime which happened at Glashieburn- it was lot’s of fun! The crime was a missing laptop and we had to work out who stole it! Two police officers from CID came in to help us and give us some advice on how to solve the crime. We got to look at some of the weapons they use to defend themselves and they took some of our fingerprints. Miss Wright sent off our suspects fingerprints and the computer mouse which was left at the scene of the crime. The results showed that Miss Kraish was the thief!

In PE this term we have been doing gymnastics. We learned how to do cartwheels, handstands, backwards rolls and forward rolls. We put these four movements into a routine to perform to a partner. After this we worked on partner balances- some of these were very tricky! We really had to trust our partner and communicate well!

In Mandarin this term we have been recapping on our learning from last year. We have been learning some greetings like Hello, Goodbye and Thank You. In French we have been learning colours, weather and some Christmas words.

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