P6R Reflections Term 2

“I really enjoyed visiting Scotstown Moor and learning about the animals that live there and their habitats” Brodie

“I enjoyed learning about different features of a nature reserve and the different types of reserves that there” Rianna

“I enjoyed making our own Water Cycle so that we could see our learning in action” Abigail

“I liked the team games in PE where we were only allowed to use our feet and had to cooperate as a team” Deanna

“I learned a lot about team work in PE and how important it is to communicate, the games we played were lots of fun” Ellen

“Maths was challenging because it was all new ways to present data that I didn’t know about.  Creating bar charts was fun and we got to play different maths games to help us put our learning in action” Connor

“I thought science was really cool and we got to try out lots of different experiments like creating our own water cycle and one that showed us how polluted water can get” Aiden M

“In PE we have been focusing on team games, it has been fun and I have learned a lot about working successfully with others” Sophie

“I liked learning all about atoms and doing all of the experiments.  We made our own molecule pictures using cereal” Gemma

“I really liked learning about the water cycle and seeing how the system worked and seeing it in action.  It was fun and interesting” Esme

“I really enjoyed going to Scotstown Moor and finding out about its history as I found out things that I didn’t know” Alexa

“I enjoyed our reading book ‘Long Way Home’ and reflecting on how the different characters felt in different situations” Ryan

“I liked writing the imaginative stories and poems.  The Once Upon a Dream poem was great and I learned a lot about features of a poem.  I am excited that my poem will be published” Rose

“I enjoy the weekly Beat That challenge and I have been working hard to improve my score” Koby

“I enjoyed all of the science this term and I learned a lot about nature reserves, creating our own reserve was fun” Kieran

“This term I have enjoyed maths more because I am learning lots of different things like bar charts and graphs” Jodie

“I know the differences between a protected area and a reserve.  I have enjoyed all of the Christmas crafts that we have been doing” Adrian

“I enjoyed Scotstown Moor and learning about different habitats.  I really enjoyed singing at the Beach Ballroom” Jessica

“I enjoyed reading Esio Trot because I like animals and it was about a tortoise.  I really liked learning about St Andrew and doing a Scottish poem” Camille

“I liked the snowman experiment and I learning about insulation and I was surprised that tin foil kept the ice cold” Daniel

“I loved singing at the Beach Ballroom and doing experiments with Mrs Ritchie.  I was proud of my speaking part in the show” Lucy

“I liked it when we did lots of science experiments and I learned a lot from it, seeing it in action was fantastic” Evie

“I like Mandarin because it is fun and I am learning a new language” Aiden T

“I enjoyed our spooky story writing when we watched the clip of ‘The Abbey’ and had to write about it.” Adanna

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