Miss Cunningham’s Term 2 Reflection Leaflet

Miss Cunningham’s Reflection Leaflet: Term Two

Your talented children have continued to work hard this term. The children have developed their confidence in creating and presenting during Expressive Arts sessions and they have challenged their thinking in Health. Please see your child’s class below for further details of what has been taught this term. Have a lovely Christmas!

P1B and P1C- Early Level

In Health, Primary 1’s have been learning how to keep safe. We have been learning songs and completing activities about Road Safety. We particularly enjoyed the singing dog Road Safety song! Primary 1 have also been deciding what is good and what is harmful for their bodies.

In Expressive Arts, the Primary 1 classes explored moving their bodies like characters from their favourite Julia Donaldson books. We have been the Gruffalo, the Witch from Room on the Broom and we have also been the Smartest Giant in Town! Primary 1 have started to use their faces to enhance their characters too! The Primary 1’s have certainly been very imaginative!

P2W, P2/3M and P3M- First Level

In Health, Primary 2 and 3 pupils have been increasing their knowledge of Road Safety. They have learned the Green Cross Code to help them remember how to cross the road safely. We have also enjoyed decorating clothes and writing Be Safe Be Seen rules to help others know how to keep safe in the dark. Primary 2 and 3 pupils have also been identifying safe strangers and safe buildings they could go to and ask for help if they were lost.

In Expressive Arts, Primary 2 and 3 pupils have been taking a trip through the different seasons. We have been on the farm harvesting, become blowing leaves in the park, taken a trip on Santa’s sleigh and waved our magic wands to create an icy land just like Jack Frost. The children in P2W have also created and presented pieces of the Diwali story, Rama and Sita. The classes have further developed their confidence and presenting skills by presenting their work every week. Some children have been confident enough to present on their own- fantastic!

P5C and P5/6K- Second Level

In Health, Primary 5C and 5/6K have been learning about Safety Online. We have had big discussions about how to keep safe and what potential harm you could face if you are not. The classes have explored the website ‘Thinkuknow’ using age appropriate readings and games to answer online safety questions and consolidate their knowledge. They have also learned the ‘Cyber 5’ rules- ask us what these are! Many of our children mentioned talking to strangers online- please continue to check what games/ social networks they are using and to make their privacy settings the strictest possible.

In Expressive Arts, the classes have enjoyed creating and learning a series of dance steps in the styles of Street, African and Scottish Country Dancing. They have created and presented their dance moves to an audience and have given kind and constructive feedback weekly. Some boys and girls have started to present their moves in pairs and solos- Confident Individuals indeed!

P6R and P7W- Second Level

In RME, P6R have continued to gain an understanding into the religion Buddhism. They have had a go at meditation, compared their day and possessions to the life of a Buddhist monks, learned about the 5 Precepts Buddhists live their lives by, learned about their special Shrine rooms and talked about the meaning of Sangha. Well done P6R!

In Expressive Arts, P6R and P7W have been using a range of stimuli to create scenes. They have continued story boards about the ‘Bad Hair Day’, received good or bad news in a letter, and created adverts for a real or imaginary product. We have selected and edited our creations in groups and used these to create a scene to present to the class. Our senior pupils are certainly imaginative!

I look forward to teaching your child/ren next term. Will they get a Star Performer certificate and House Points?

Miss Lauren Cunningham


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