Morning Nursery PE Session

This morning Miss McQueen came to visit us and do a PE session with us.  Miss McQueen works with lots of children in the City so we were very lucky she came to Glashieburn.

We did lots of listening and watching to keep safe in the hall.  Using lots of different equipment we pretended to drive cars, take dogs for a walk, flip pancakes and throw rockets into space!  We also met Millie the moving Meerkat, Callum the clever Cat, Harry the hardworking Horse and Freddy the fit Frog, we had to try and be like these animals during the session.

A big thank you for Miss McQueen for coming to visit!


img_1233 img_1235 img_1236 img_1237 img_1238 img_1239 img_1240 img_1241 img_1242 img_1243 img_1244 img_1245 img_1246 img_1247 img_1248 img_1249 img_1250 img_1251 img_1252 img_1253 img_1254 img_1255 img_1256 img_1257 img_1260 img_1261 img_1262 img_1264

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