P5C Learning Leaflet


Reading – This term each group will be focusing on different stories.  We will focus on predicting the text, characterisation and setting.  The Sapphires will be looking at this theme as well.  We will also further develop our knowledge of literal questions.

Writing: We will be focusing on VCOP and how to use this in our writing.  We will demonstrate this by writing a narrative story and instructions for a science experiment.  Writing is taught over 3 weeks – planning, writing, editing and assessing.

Listening and Talking: Throughout this term we will use our listening and talking skills through various group and pair work in different aspects of the curriculum.  .


Number: This term we will be focusing on multiplication and division. The Diamonds will be consolidating their knowledge of subtraction and learning their table facts.  We will be consolidating and securing our knowledge and understanding of choosing correct operations to calculate sums.

Direction and angles: Both groups will be looking at compass directions, giving and receiving directions and identifying angles.

Problem Solving: This term we will be focusing on 2 strategies, ‘Find a Pattern’ and ‘Logical Reasoning’.  We will be using written and active activities to help develop our skills.

Health and Wellbeing:

P.E: In P.E we will be focusing on athletic skills and team games.  We have been working on jumping, throwing, running and agility skills.  We will be holding our own mini Olympics to demonstrate the skills we have learned.  We have also been focusing on team games, working on listening to each other.

Health: This aspect of Health and Wellbeing will be taught by Miss Cunningham.  As a class we have started Class Dojo to help us promote positive behaviour in school.  We will focus on a social skill a week and earn dojo points to become a VIP pupil.

IDL: This term our topic is Wonders of the World.  We will focusing on creating and building skills.  We have chosen countries to visit and explore their famous landmarks and culture.  We will also improve our mapping skills by looking at a world map.  We have created a construction area in our classroom where Miss Connell displays different building challenges each week.  We have built The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Empire State Building and Eiffel Tower.  We can take photos and display our work for other children and adults to look at.  So far we have visited Europe and found out information about different flags, we also looked at famous landmarks found in Europe.  Last week we were in the United States of America.  We created our own chalk skyline of New York and created our own Mount Rushmore with salt dough.  This week we are in China and will be focusing on willow patterns and the meaning behind dragons.  We will finish by visiting Australia and Egypt.

Other News:

We have P.E on Tuesday and Friday morning.

Homework will be handed in on Friday and given out on Monday – instructions stuck into jotters.

Library will be on Tuesday.

Music with Miss Hamilton will be on Thursday.

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