P5/6K Term 2 Learning Leaflet

P5/6K Term 2 Learning Leaflet

As you may have seen from our recent blog post, P5/6 have been enjoying a very successful start to their Enterprise topic this term.  In partnership with local company GE Oil and Gas, we are aiming to build a relationship with a school in Takoradi, Ghana, raise money for that school and expand our knowledge of African culture.

In exchange for our enterprising efforts, the boys and girls in P5/6 are enhancing their inter-personal skills and developing various employability skills.  By undertaking this project P5/6 are working creatively and co-operatively to become: effective contributors, responsible citizens, confident individuals and successful learners.

This term, P5/6 we will be reading and analysing fiction based books in their groups. They will develop their ability to read with fluency and expression  and to answer evaluative and literal questions.  p5/6 will also be working with a variety of non fiction books related to entrepreneurship  and Africa for research purposes.

Writing this term will mainly be functional in nature, relating to our Enterprise topic (namely, persuasive and instructional writing).

Each week we will continue to learn a new set of spelling words, have a grammar focus and practice handwriting.


All will be revising knowledge of the language associated with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in order to use this knowledge to  confidently approach and solve word based problems.  Additionally, all will be learning to become familiar with the language of likelihood and will be taking part in investigations relating to chance.  We will then move on to revise and explore new concepts relating to 2D and 3D shape as a class, using nets and drawings to create products to sell for our topic.
In their Numeracy groups, P5/6 will continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of whole number, decimal numbers and money.

Things to remember:

  •  Library- Mondays
  •  PE- Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Dance – Friday afternoon with Miss Cunningham
  • Mandarin – Thursdays
  • Music  – Thursdays
  • French – p6 only, every Wednesday.
  •  Homework- please read information sheet explaining Enterprise homework if you have not done so already.

Thank you again for supporting P5/6’s enterprising efforts and if you have any questions please feel free to come and see me.

Miss Kraish.


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