Primary 1 Learning Leaflet


In maths this term the children will be learning how to use concrete resources to add and subtract numbers to 10 and beyond. When they are confident with the concept of addition and subtraction they will have the opportunity to use a number line to record addition and subtraction problems independently. They should become comfortable with the mathematical vocabulary such as: add, subtract, plus, minus and equals.



This term Primary 1 will continue to work on their phonetic awareness by learning two new sounds each week. Our sounds this term are the remaining letters of the alphabet. The children will develop their understanding of how to read trickier vocabulary by segmenting and blending any unfamiliar words. The children should begin to become confident with saying their sounds, finding them in words and hearing them when read aloud. The children will continue to learn three new common words each week to help build up their recall of sight vocabulary.

Primary 1 are already becoming great readers! This term they will be developing their ability to read with more fluency, increasing their pace and pitch. We will be working on our comprehension skills by retelling our books, discussing the characters and breaking the story into beginning, middle and end. The children will be challenged to think of their own questions that relate to their book for their peers to answer. Primary 1 will also begin to evidence their understanding by completing simple comprehension activities through sequencing, sorting and pictorial representation.

Health and Wellbeing

P1’s PE days are Wednesday and a Friday. Please remember that your child should bring a full PE kit (white t-shirt, black/navy shorts) on these days. During term 2 the children will be developing their ability to perform a range of gymnastic skills such as balancing, rolling and sliding.


Other News

Miss Cunningham will continue to take Primary 1 for Drama and Health this term.

We really appreciate all of the work you are doing at home with your children. It’s made a huge impact on their learning. They are becoming very confident little readers and mathematicians!

A big thank you to all of the Primary 1 children for their hard work in Term 1! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to come and see us.

Miss Conroy and Miss Boyle

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