P6R Learning Leaflet Term 2


This term we have been focusing on mental subtraction strategies and strengthening our knowledge of our tables facts.  We are challenging ourselves to better our Beat That scores every week.  Times tables are very important and being confident in the will benefit us in many other maths topic areas.

We have been learning about Data Handling and different ways of gathering and collating data.

We will be moving o to focus on mental multiplication and division strategies and we will continue to challenge ourselves in different problem solving activities where we have to apply our skills in different contexts.  We had great fun solving a murder mystery that used a range of maths skills and also planing a holiday within a budget for Mrs Ritchie.


In writing this term we have been focusing on non-fiction writing and this will continue throughout the term.  We will be writing letters, persuasive pieces, instructions, leaflets, recipes and science reports.  We will also get the chance to write creatively nearer the festive season!  We are focusing on including all of the necessary features in our writing and using correct grammar and punctuation in all written tasks.  We are trying to remember that checking over and editing our work is also an important part of the writing process.

We are now in our reading groups and reading different novels, The Long Way Home, The Witches and Esio Trot.  We are developing our understanding of these texts by using the 7 reading strategies.

We are continuing to receive new spelling words on a weekly basis and we are now being encouraged to practise these at home in a range of different ways.


We have all created our own ‘Nature Reserve’ with a range of different features for the community.  We have created leaflets, posters, maps and keys for our reserve.  We have learned about the water cycle and changes in water state.  We will be moving on to focus on pollution, conservation & food chains.

We will also look at technological developments and how they have developed and changed throughout the years.

As we are nearing Christmas, we will also be doing a range of different festive crafts and activities, as well as learning our Christmas songs.

Health and Wellbeing

In PE, we have been developing our tennis skills and taking part in a range of different team building games that also encourage us to use problem solving skills.

We will be moving on to the topic of ‘Growth Mind-set’ and looking at ways to keep healthy and active.

Other News

  • French and Mandarin will continue on a weekly basis
  • PE days continue to be Mondays and Tuesdays – please remember your kit
  • We will be having a trip to Scotstown Moor on Wednesday 23rd November – please dress appropriately for the weather
  • Mrs Ritchie is will us until the 25th November




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