P4S Learning Leaflet

Primary 4S Learning Leaflet

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Term 2



In term 2, Primary 4S are working on improving our number processes. We will be expanding our mental strategies and improving our written skills by trying new and challenging approaches to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We are also exploring how to read and write simple grid references to describe position. This is so that we can give and follow instructions for simple routes, using clockwise, anticlockwise, angles and compass point directions. Additionally, in problem solving, we are to use the ‘Look for a Pattern’ strategy to solve a variety of problems in groups and individually.


Through our topic of the weather, we are practicing our skill of planning, writing and editing by creating our own winter weather forecasts. Within our writing lessons we are looking for topic specific words as well as changing sentence length by introducing short sharp sentences. Nearer the end of term, the topic focus will change to winter workshop. Pupils will then be exploring persuasive writing by creating their own Elf applications. We will be introducing spelling books into our class so that we can create our own dictionaries for words that we find challenging to remember.

Additionally, in class we will be practising our skill of identifying and correctly using adverbs as well as comparative and superlative adjectives in sentences, while exploring synonyms and antonyms. During reading we will also be developing our dictionary skills in addition to our skills of using speech marks and offering alternative language. During handwriting we are revising the second join and begin to revise the third join, ensuring correct formation and height of letters.


Health and Wellbeing

This term, the class will be exploring emotive language and how we react in different situations. We will be looking into how kind acts impact on our school day and our personal outlook. During P.E we will be developing skills in passing, receiving and stopping the ball through hockey practice. Pupils will practise dribbling the ball and keeping it under control. Pupils will also work co-operatively as part of a team when playing in a small sided game. Additionally, pupils will be exploring movement, pattern and coordination through dance. During dance, pupils will be self-assessing dance sequences and working in groups and with partners, to create their own sequences.


Primary 4S’s topic this term is mainly weather, will a mini-topic of winter workshop. The class will be exploring weather forecasts, what instruments are used to measure the weather, as well as, how climates impact us. Pupils will also be exploring extreme weather in the UK and around the world, researching and finding out how to prepare for extreme weather events and stay safe. Primary 4S will also be looking into how different people celebrate Christmas and other winter festivals, alongside exploring the traditions of Sikism. Through expressive arts and technology, pupils will be building their own  kites, creating their own seasonal artwork, and involved with Weather themed music with our music specialist Mrs. Hamilton.


Other News 

Primary 4S will begin Mandarin lessons this term with a Mandarin specialist, Miss Shu and exploring how to introduce themselves and other introducing language. Table of the week, as well as star writer of the week, are being continued this term. This term the pupils are working hard to gain marbles and have chosen new table names for themselves: Hurricane Horrors, Sunny Tornadoes, Snowdrops, Rainbows and the Stormies.



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