P2W Learning Leaflet Term 2

P2W Learning Leaflet Term 2


This term we are doing time. We have revised o’clock and half past. We will touch upon quarter past and quarter to. We will also cover days of the week, months of the year and seasons, particularly focusing on what happens at certain times.

We will continue to improve our mental recall of number facts (Learn Its) at speed. Most children now have a good grasp of the jigsaw number that make 10, so we can extend that to fact families within addition and subtraction. We will also be covering doubles up to 10 + 10.

Into December we will start money work. We will start by looking at the coins and linking this to addition and subtraction.



This term we will be focusing on comprehension tasks and looking closer at the characters in the books, the settings and the main ideas of the story. We have also be starting to evaluate what we have read, completing simple book reviews and rating our books. The pupil’s will start to share their opinions and thoughts about what they have read and explain why they think this.


We are focusing on poetry. Each week we will try writing a different type of poem, linked to our Diwali topic. We have already tried a cinquain poem, a senses poem and a rhyming poem.

Into December we will start instruction writing. This will encourage the children to think about sequencing their instructions logically and give them the opportunity to try some functional writing.


We have now covered all the P2 common words and will now learn to spell words that go with our weekly sounds. The next blends are sc, sk, sp, st, sm, sn, tw, dw.

Health and Wellbeing


We will continue to work on movement and patterns. The pupils have been creating their own sequences of movements by themselves, with a partner and in a small group. This involves concentration and co-ordination.

We will also look at ball skills – throwing and catching and aiming.

Also see Miss Cunningham’s plans for Health and Wellbeing.



Our topic is Diwali. The festival of light takes place between October and November and links well with Bonfire/Fireworks Night. The focus is RME and learning a little about Hinduism. We have been comparing Hindu beliefs with those of Christians, and learning how to be respectful of others opinions and beliefs. We have looked at the story of Rama and Sita and how Diwali began. We have also looked at how Diwali is celebrated now.

The work we are doing on celebrations and festivals should lead nicely into Christmas.


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