5/6K’s 1st week of enterprise.



img_2025img_2024img_2023img_2022img_2018img_2017A big thank you to all parents, pupils and staff for helping us make a grand total of £175 during our first week of enterprise!

Children’s comments:

“I thought it was really  fun selling to people” (Lia from the Money Making Meerkats company)

“I can’t believe we made as much as we did!” (Dua from the Rampaging Rhinos company)

“I loved working in a group and then selling our product” (Alfie from the Rampaging Rhinos company)

” This is my favourite topic so far because it is really creative” (Jamie from the Helpful Hyenas)

2 thoughts on “5/6K’s 1st week of enterprise.”

  1. Great idea. Cameron went and got something for himself and he bought a puzzle for his sister. She was delighted with it. Well done everyone!

  2. Well Done to ALL CHILDREN!! Super proud of Josh Combe on his enterprise being picked and making £53 pounds alone! Josh is so proud of his whole class and everyones effort! And was pleased he was able to attend (due to having a minor surgery to his toe) Well Done to all involved and the fantastic grand total

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