P1C Wee Green Spaces

Mrs McDonald and the boys and Girls in P1C visited the Wee Green Space on Friday 4th November. They remembered all the safety rules from their time in Nursery and told our new children all about their nursery visits. The boys and girls completed an exploration task where they had to find an ‘Autumn treasure’ to take back to school. Many of the children chose leaves of differing colours and pine cones. Their next task was to listen carefully to the story ‘Stickman’ and then find a suitable stick which they thought looked just like the Stickman or his wife ‘Stick Lady Love’. That afternoon the boys and girls had the very busy job of bringing their stick to life with a variety of materials. Our Stickmen and stick ladies are on display in the P1 classroom, and they look great!img_6275 img_6273 img_6274 img_6272 img_6271 img_6269 img_6255 img_6263 img_6265 img_6266 img_6267 img_6268 img_6238 img_6237 img_6236 img_6233 img_6232 img_6231 img_6260 img_6262 img_6228 img_6229 img_6230 img_6253 img_6254 img_6255 img_6256 img_6257 img_6258 img_6252 img_6251 img_6250 img_6249 img_6248 img_6245 img_6228 img_6276 img_6240 img_6241 img_6243 img_6244

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