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Glashieburn School

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Term 1 2016


We have been setting for maths in our area and we really like it as we get through lots more work and we are all being challenged and having fun.  We get to work with different people as well which is good.  We go 3 times a week.


We started learning about place value and we have all looked at decimal numbers.  Some of us have worked with negative numbers as well.  We have rounded numbers up and down as well.  We are now looking at addition and different ways to add mentally like partitioning, doubles/halves, counting on/back & rounding/adjusting, we have been challenged in lots of different games and activities.


We have really enjoyed this as we can get instant help when needed as we are all the same group working on the same thing and the teacher can focus completely on us.


In class maths we have been learning about why we need time and all the ways we use time in our lives.  We have made our own ideal school timetable and TV Schedules showing 12/24 times and how long things last.


We have Beat that’s every week and we are trying hard to get 72/72 like Miss Robertson – lots of times table revision is needed!  We get CLIC sessions and Problem Solving too.


By Gemma, Harrison, Ryan, Lucy & Daniel








This term we have been reading Holes and we have worked on lots of different reading strategies.  We have had to show understanding by answering questions, look for new tricky words and visualize the characters and setting.  We had to summarize the main ideas in a cartoon strip and we have created new covers.  The book is great and very interesting and we have had lots of discussions about what is happening in it.


This term we have had very tricky spelling words and we have been learning them every day and getting tests on a Friday.  We play games and do different activities with our words.


We have been focusing on VCOP to make our writing interesting and exciting and we have done this in lots of imaginative stories.  We peer assess and self-assess each other’s work and it is fun to read each other’s work.  We have learned about metaphors and how they can be used in our writing and adjectives and adverbs.  We have also been making sure that we edit our work before handing it in.


By Rose, Adrian, Kieran, Malahim, Sophie & Adanna 






Health and Wellbeing


This year in PE we have been developing our hockey skills and learning how to hold the stick correctly to control the ball.  We have had to dribble the ball around different obstacles and make sure that we keep our legs bent and 2 hands in the correct position.

We have been really working on building our fitness and we have been challenged through lots of different circuit activities with different exercises and running – we have been exhausted but we know it is good for our health!  We have participated in the 401 marathon challenge and we have had to work as a class to run as many marathons as possible – results and more info to follow.


We have had to work together as teams a lot this term on lots of different activities.  Some of us have found this challenging but we have been supported to be more independent and responsible to overcome problems and sort out squabbles.


Some of us have new roles and responsibilities in P6 like Vice Captain, Buddy and Door Monitor.


By Aiden M, Aiden T, Abigail & Alexa







Our topic has been Europe.  We got a European Holiday challenge where we had to be Holiday Reps and create a stand on a European Country for parents to try and persuade them to visit our country.  We made Holiday Company names and uniforms.  Then we had to do a lot of research on the computers to find out facts about it and take notes in our own words.  We used the facts and information to make lots of posters, leaflets and fact files all about our country.  We had great fun leading the learning in our groups and building on our team work skills.  We were very excited to show our visitors our hard work and the open evening was so much fun.


We have learned about the European Union and what it is and a bit about how it works.  We have had to use atlases and maps to locate countries and capital cities.


Homework was fun and we had to make a European landmark from junk and create a European Recipe – some of us made it and took it in to taste!


By Connor, Koby, Olivia, Esme & Brodie


Expressive Arts, RME & French


In RME, Miss Cunningham has taught us about Buddhism and the Festival of Light that they celebrate every year in May.


On a Wednesday we have French and Mrs Grant has been teaching us numbers and also French greetings.  It is really fun.  We are excited to start Mandarin after the holidays.


In Drama we have been learning the story of Oliver Twist and acting out the script and getting to be different characters.  We get to perform scenes in our groups to the class.


We designed our own Mona Lisa art after learning about the artist and discussing his famous painting.  We also found out about the EU Flag and its history then created and designed our own flag for the class.


By Deanna, Ellen, Evie & Rianna

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