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Term 1


This term, Primary 4S have been looking into the symbols used, such as: greater than and less than, unequals and equals.

Alana: ‘I liked playing the dice rolling game where I created greater thans and less thans’.

Riley: ‘I liked making the maths leaflets, to tell people what greater than and less than and unequals and equals are’.

We also have been developing our skills of rounding and estimation, leading into using different types of measurement. We have used he estimation station with blocks and water and figuring out estimation problems to solve.

Ali: ‘I enjoyed working at the estimation station, especially with the blocks’.

Pupils have explored the length of common objects with a range of equipment. P4 have experimented with measuring items in centimetres and metres.

Emily K: ‘I liked measuring the different things and writing the measurement in the jotter’.






This term, the class topic and novel was ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. P4 have been using VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation) in all our written lessons and looking for different information when reading. This has helped P4 practise and develop our writing and reading skills.

Jamie M: ‘I liked when we did the VCOP sheets with our partners’.

Joe:’ I learnt that if you put openers in your writing you will have more to write’.

Reading individually and aloud has been alternated throughout term.

Jessie: ‘I enjoyed when we were reading with Miss Sadler and our partners. I liked reading out loud’.

The children have used their own imagination when creating story writing. We have especially used our imagination when looking into the character Grandma, and created our own potions, ingredients and shopping lists.

Alex: ‘I liked when we acted out how Grandma what she was like when she was young’.

We have started to explore persuasive language, creating adverts for George’s medicine and a warning label for our medicines.

Hayley: ‘We learnt about adverts for George’s marvelous medicine. We learnt how he makes it, what ingredients he uses, and what it is for’.

As a class, we further developed our use of nouns, adjectives and verbs when constructing sentences, and understand and use the word ‘tense’. Alongside revising joins and practicing handwriting.

ChiChi: ‘I learnt how you write in past tense verbs and how you change present tense verbs to past tense verbs’.


Health and Wellbeing

The pupils explored the eat well late understanding that to be healthy the need a good balance.

Bailey: ‘I learned how the sections on the eat well plate are’.

P4 has also looked into types of medicine and the importance of using them safely, creating poster and taking part in discussions.

Talya: ‘I learned how we could handle medicine, like don’t drink too much and who gives you the medicine’.


In PE, pupils have developed their skills within Basketball and Athletics. Pupils have developed large ball skills, understanding of possession and pivoting as well as, personal reflecting. Pupils have been working well in pairs, highlighted when moving through obstacles with the loss of the sense. Within all PE, the skill of working cooperatively with a partner and a team is being built upon.

Aarav: ‘I learnt how to stop, pass and play in basketball’.

Conor: ‘I enjoyed being a Paralympian, especially the blindfolded one’.



As our topic this term is George’s Marvellous Medicine, the pupils have been experimenting with ice melting and solubility, creating their own experiment to test what around them will dissolve.

Matthew: ‘I learnt what soluble and insoluble is. I enjoyed testing different things in water’.

Pupils have began to use skills such as hypothesizing, diagram drawing and concluding. Linked with HWB, pupils experimented with egg shells as teeth to understand the importance of brushing teeth.

Glen S: ‘If you drink too much juice and don’t brush your teeth it’ll rot your teeth’.

Pupils have also been expressing themselves through art and drama, focusing on non-verbal forms of communication and creating secondary colours.

Ruby: ‘I learnt in Drama to use non-verbal communication, not using my mouth was really difficult’.

Madison: ‘We learnt about secondary colours by using bubble paint and by overlapping primary colours with tissue paper.’


Other News 


Each table has been trying their best to earn marbles for their tables, practicing good listening and other group skills. Table winners have varied from week to week and awarded stickers and cushions as their prize.

Chloe M: ‘I’ve enjoyed getting the marbles because when you get the cushions you’re chairs are comfy’.

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