Primary 3 Reflection Leaflet

Glashieburn School


Primary three will be focusing on Number Processes and Addition this term. They will be exploring ordering numbers to 100, reading and writing numbers to 100, sequencing numbers to 1000, odd and even numbers and investigating place value. The class will be learning how to add horizontally and vertically within 100 and mentally within 20.


The children will be continuing to learn and consolidate the 2, 5 and 10 times table. Through daily CLIC sessions they will be developing a variety of mental math strategies.


Children’s Reflections:

‘I’ve learned how to work out 10/ 100 more or less when working with a 2 digit number’ – Sophie B

‘I have been practising beating my score in my Big Maths Beat that this term! –Aiden H.

‘In class we have been learning to add a 2 digit number to a 1 digit number all the way up to 100’ – Aidan P.

‘I know all the odd and even numbers up to 20’ – Logan B.

‘I enjoyed making 2 digit numbers using the tens and units’ Elliot M.

‘I enjoyed doing the SMILE sums this term’ – Liv K.

‘I really enjoyed making a 3 digit numbers using the hundreds, tens and units’ – Matthew C.

I enjoyed ordering numbers up to 1000 and choosing the biggest and smallest numbers’ Murray.

‘I have really enjoyed learning and practising my 2, 5 and 10 times table in class’ Harry.

I enjoyed partitioning a 3 digit number’ – Liam R.




Writing/ Grammar: The class will be using the Big Writing Initial Impact lessons for the first 6 weeks of the term to revise and consolidate the 4 VCOP strategies. The children will be creating a variety of different writing pieces focused on improving and up-levelling their writing.

Children’s Reflections:

I enjoyed using VCOP in my writing because it taught me a lot about vocabulary’ – Paige E.

‘I really enjoyed reading through a story and making up my own ending, it was really fun’ Liv K.

‘I enjoyed continuing the story and creating an exciting ending’ Nathan

‘I enjoyed VCOP because it has helped me to up level my sentences and make my writing better’ Aidan P.

‘I enjoyed using the openers because it makes sure my sentence has a good start’ Liam R.

Reading: The class will be focusing on developing their summarising skills through their weekly reading books, library books and non-fiction texts. They’  will be learning to identify the main sequence of events, retell the story in their own words and select and talk about the main aspects of a text including characters, setting, events and non-fiction facts. Alongside this focus the children will complete weekly comprehension and book detective activities as well as develop their expression and fluency.

Children’s Reflections:

‘I learned how to create my own questions about my reading book’ – Sophie B.

‘I have learned how to get better at my reading by reading bigger words and sounding them out’ – Aidan P.

‘This term I learned how to summarise. This means to put a piece of writing into your own words, shorten it and pick the most important parts’ – Mya, Paige and Liv.


Talking and Listening: The class will participate in Philosophy this term as part of their talking and listening focus. Philosophy sessions will focus on responding to discussions, learning to make relevant contributions and listening and responding to peer contributions.

Children’s Reflections:

‘I enjoyed the thinking stories because they really woke up my mind’ Matthew C.

‘I really listening to the different stories and thinking about the ending’ Rahma

‘I enjoyed speaking about the ending of the story’ – Paige E.


Health and Wellbeing

Primary 3 will be focusing on Possession games in P.E this term. This will include participating in a range of ball familiarisation activities including dribbling, passing, catching and throwing. They will be focusing on developing balance and control, gross motor skills and coordination and fluency.  The children will be learning to recognise and understand relevant rules and procedures in a game and understand that different activities require different roles.

Children’s Reflections:

‘I enjoyed practising chest passes and working with a partner in P.E’ Rahma

‘I enjoyed ball skills this term in P.E and I liked practising dribbling the ball’ –Lucas

‘I learned how to use hand eye coordination when playing tennis’ – Harry

‘ I learned how to place my hands in a W to make a better chest pass’ – Paige E.



Our class IDL focus this term is  ‘Under the Sea’. The children will be covering a range of

We are very excited to get started on our new topic!

Some of the areas that Primary 3 will be learning about this term include:

  • Under water animals
  • Food chains
  • Habitats
  • Pollution
  • Geography – names and locations of oceans

Children’s Reflections:

‘I learned which sea animals live in each ocean zone’ – Matthew C.

‘I learned which animals live in a rock pool’ Lucas C.

‘I have learned that animals in a rock pool have to camouflage themselves to keep them safe from predators’ – Paige.

‘I have learned all the names of the ocean zones, and I know that they get darker as it gets deeper and deeper’ Aidan P.

‘I now know the life cycle of a sea turtle they first lay their eggs and then they hatch’ – Aaron C.

‘I enjoyed learning about Killer Whales and Sharks’ – Logan B.

‘I learned that sea turtles can live up to 100 years old’ – Beth C.

‘I learned that sea turtles were around when the dinosaurs were’ Adam L.

‘I enjoyed sewing and making our own fish’ – Elliot M.

‘I enjoyed making our jelly fish’ – Jamie C.

‘ I enjoyed learning about sea horses’ Julie

‘ I enjoyed when the life guard came in and taught us all about the flags and how to keep safe at the beach’ – Liv K.

‘I learned that a green sea turtle could grow up to 1 metre long’ – Matthew





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