P7 Reflection Leaflet

We are nearing the end of a busy first term in P7! Our highlight this term was our spectacular residential trip to Dalguise! We have been working really hard in class this term too! Here are some of the things we have been learning:

At the start of term 1 we voted for our class novel. The winning novel was Kensuke’s Kingdom. We have been taking it in turns to read parts of the story and we have ben working in groups to take on a role. Some of the roles are: image makers, predictors, summarisers and word finders. For writing we have been using the VCOP pyramid to up level our writing. Each week we either assess our own writing, a partner’s writing or Miss Wright will assess our writing for us. It is great when we get feedback from others! We do a spelling activity each day to practise our words. Some of our favourites are rainbow writing, one minute race and spelling city. At the end of the week we do a spelling test and we normally get all of our words correct!

P5/6, P6 and P7 have been split into groups for maths this term. One group works with Miss Wright, one with Miss Robertson and one with Miss Kraish. During the first few weeks we learned about place value- we know what each digit is worth in a number. We also learned a bit more about decimal points and why they are used. Later in the term we have been working on our mental addition and subtraction. We have learned new strategies like counting on and back, rounding and number bonds. In class we have been doing a variety of problem solving activities from family trees to problems involving wild animals! Each Friday we also complete our Big Maths Beat That test. If we beat our best score we get 10 house points!

Expressive Arts:
Every Wednesday, P7W meet with Miss Cunningham to do expressive arts. We have learned various different dances from all over the globe which we have performed to others. So far, we have learned Brazilian dancing, African dancing, street dancing and we even tried to make up our own individual dance moves. These have helped us to improve our creativity and confidence when performing in front of an audience. Each week Miss Cunningham chooses her star performer- they receive a certificate. This motivates us to work hard and not be afraid to perform to the best of our ability.

Health and Wellbeing:
In PE this term, P7W have been making their own unique fitness circuits. Through doing this we have improved many skills such as stamina, speed, focus and strength. Not to mention team work and communication! We have completed the bleep test twice this term. Nearly all of us saw an improvement on our first score!

During this term P7W have chosen the Outstanding Olympics as their topic. So far we have found out some things about the amazing Ancient Olympics and how different it is to the Olympics just past. Also, we have been looking at beautiful Brazil as the Olympics have been held there this year and we have compared Rio to where we live in sunny Scotland! We have done lot’s of research using the laptops, iPads and books and we have learned about some famous landmarks in Brazil like the Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana Beach and Christ the Redeemer. We have also researched some famous Olympians and created fact files about them. This term has been great fun and we are bursting with excitement to find out what our topic is next term!

Written by: Rafa, Fatima, Deshawn, Emily, Clark and Ellie

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