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Reading – This term P5C will be studying the book Oliver Twist which will link to their topic of the Victorians.   We will be using the 6 reading strategies of Active Literacy to help deepen our knowledge and understanding of analysing texts.  We will focus on vocabulary, characterisation and setting.

I have had fun reading Oliver Twist.

 I really like the book and the characters, Fagin is my favourite.

I really like Nancy.  The orphanage sounds like a horrible place to live.

I’m glad Oliver had a happy ending.


Writing: We will be focusing on VCOP through the Big Writing Immediate Impact programme looking at how to “up level” our writing skills.  We will focus on each area in great detail so that we can use the skills in our own writing throughout the year.

I like writing imaginative stories, I have used lots of wow words in my stories this term.

I really liked writing about “The Nightmare”, it was fun and exciting.


Listening and Talking: Throughout this term we will use our listening and talking skills through various group and pair work in different aspects of the curriculum.  We will also take part in a personal talk about our topic.




Number: This term we will be focusing on place value and number processes with  particular focus on adding and subtracting.  We will be consolidating and securing our knowledge and understanding of choosing correct operations to calculate sums.


Shape: We will be looking at different aspects of 2D and 3D shapes, drawing nets and categorising shape into regular and irregular shapes.  We will use this knowledge to construct tile patterns and draw more complex 3D nets.


Problem Solving: This term we will be focusing on 2 strategies, find a pattern and working backwards.  We will be using written and active activities to help develop our skills.

I have enjoyed learning about shape.  I really like making the nets with the polydron it was really good fun.

I like making patterns in problem solving – I liked using shapes rather than numbers.

I like maths and find it fun.


Health and Wellbeing:


P.E: In P.E we will be focusing on ball skills.  We have started with football skills concentrating on controlling the ball when passing and dribbling.  We will develop our skills and knowledge of how to play a game of football focusing on team work and rules of the game.

I like P.E I have enjoyed doing football.

I liked learning about throwing skills and throwing the javlin.

I like football and would have liked if we were outside more.


Health: This aspect of Health and Wellbeing will be taught by Miss Cunningham.  Through our topic in class we will be looking at respecting others and rights of the child and compare this to life in the Victorian times.



IDL: This term our topic is The Victorians.  We will be focusing on the history of the Victorian times and what life was like back then.  We will be investigating different aspects of the Victorians and compare and contrast these with our life today.  We will look at people and classes, school life, clothing, entertainment and etiquette.  We will also compare Aberdeen streets in Victorian times with the streets today.  We will also have the chance to explore different Victorian artefacts and evaluate their use.  In drama we are taking part in the musical Oliver with Miss Cunningham which we are excited about.

I have enjoyed learning about the Victorians especially Queen Victoria.

I had fun building the Victorian rooms. 

I liked making the patterns like William Morris.

I liked learning about the different houses – rich and poor.

I liked what the rich children wore, the girls had pretty dresses.


Other News:


We have P.E on Tuesday and Friday morning.


Homework will be slightly different this year.  A topic inspired menu will be stuck into jotters and the children can choose different tasks to do weekly.  I will send home learn its every week for the children to practise daily with an occasional maths activity.  Reading will go home where needed but this will start in term 2.







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