P2W Reflection Leaflet


This term we will be focusing on identifying odd and even numbers to 100 and being able to sequencing numbers. We will continue to improve our mental recall of number facts (Learn Its) at speed. This will provide us with knowledge we can transfer between the different areas of Maths. We will also be looking at measurement (capacity, length and weight).

The class have been excellent at learning their jigsaw numbers for 10. This will be a great base to build on. The class has enjoyed measuring with non-standard units (cubes, counters, lollipop sticks, cups) but have also learnt to use centimetres on a ruler and grams in weight. Here’s what a few of them had to say about numeracy.

“We drew Odd Todd and Even Steven and they helped us with odd and even numbers” Richie

“10, 2, 6 and 4 are even numbers” Ryan

“We have jigsaw numbers on the wall to help us” Isla

“6 and 4 makes 10, 7 and 3 makes 10, 0 and 10 makes 10 and 9 and 1 makes 10” Finlay M

“Did you know we have been measuring with a ruler?” Hannah

“We have been measuring water. It is called capacity” May

“We have been looking at Miss Walker’s shopping to find weights” Lana




This term we will be focusing on selecting key information and identifying the main events of text. We will complete a variety of reading tasks that are linked to our individual reading books, which will extend and develop reading fluency.

The class in general are building their confidence within reading and are getting used to working independently on a variety of comprehension tasks while groups are reading.

“You get to learn about books” Jessica

“We also do jobs (reading comprehension) while the other groups are reading” Jack



We will be focusing on using VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, Punctuation) to develop our writing skills. We will transfer our knowledge of VCOP into writing recounts and imaginative pieces  linked to our Under the Sea topic.

I have been so impressed with the writing this term. The children try really hard to get their ideas onto paper and are now regularly using a variety of punctuation and connectives. Some children are beginning to feel confident enough to write more independently, sounding out words they want to spell.

The connectives are really good and we use them in our sentences. The connectives are ‘and’ and ‘because’” Richie

“When you see 3 dots in a row it means something exciting is coming” Tom

“I liked writing about The Singing Mermaid (recount)” Aeryn



We will start by looking at blends and phonemes. We will also be working on a list of common words throughout the term.

We have made good progress through the list of P2 common words. Next term we can look at consistently spelling these correctly within our writing and building sentences from words we know.

“We did the sound called ‘oo’” Thomas

“Miss Walker is doing her tongue out for ‘th’” Jakub


Health and Wellbeing


In the first session of the week we will look at ways we can move and shapes we can create with our bodies. In the second session of the week we will apply this knowledge to games and circuits.

Also see Miss Cunningham’s plans for Health and Wellbeing.

The children have been practising movement, making shapes and balancing. They have been identifying ways to improve their skills and then applying them.

“We do a lot of games about movement” Iona

“When we are doing gym we throw up and catch the beanball on a bat” Amber

“I like when we do the warm ups” Jayden



Our topic is Under the Sea.

We will take part in science experiments and learn about sea creatures, create art work, do written work, makes links between topic and maths, and learn about water safety in health and wellbeing. We will learn about oceans around the world, pollution and how we can take care of the environment around us in social studies.

If your child has anything of interest that relates to the topic, that they would like to show the class, I would be happy for them to bring it in.

We have loved our topic this term and the P2/3 area looks so bright and colourful. They have produced some lovely art work. We have had a visitor from the RNLI and learnt about sea safety and the ranger came in to do a food web activity with us. I have been so impressed with the amount of facts and knowledge the children have stored! We still have our Aquarium trip to look forward to as well.

“The Abyss has not got a lot of creatures” Jay

“The Great White Shark lives in the Sunlight zone” Cody

“No jumping off cliffs” Finlay K

“The sun gives energy to the plants (seaweed)” Julie

“The jellyfish live in the Twilight zone. The Angler fish have a light on their head and stingrays have tails will the most powerful sting. The Swordfish and the Chainsaw fish are predators” Cameron

“The Great White Shark is bigger than a boy” Jakub

“We need to take care of our families in deep water. The red flags means you might sink to the twilight zone” Max


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