P2/3 Reflection Leaflet

P2/3M Reflection Leaflet

We can talk about our learning this term.


  • “I didn’t know you could measure with water but now I know you can measure with litres.” – Emma
  • “We learned how to measure with cups of water. It was called capacity.” – Stacey
  • “I learned how to measure lengths using centimetres and metres.” – Zoe
  • “I have learnt how to add lots of numbers together using ‘tricks’.” – Kate
  • “We have been learning numbers up to 100, I can count with them.” – Hamzah
  • “I know how to find numbers before, after and between up to 100 too.” – Katie
  • “We like playing ‘Hit the Button’ because it helps us practise our adding and times tables, and it helps us with Big Maths Beat That.” Lewis and Cole
  • “We’ve been learning about 3 digit numbers to 1000 and finding more and less, like 100 less than 250 is 150.” – Okoiza


  • “I have enjoyed practising my spelling words by playing ‘Roll and Spell’.” – Leah
  • “I like writing stories and trying to use VCOP.” – Makayla
  • “We’ve been learning about using VCOP. I like VCOP detectives and looking for WOW words and punctuation.” – Kate
  • “We’ve been learning more WOW words from our reading books.” –
  • “I have learned how to read new words in my reading book.” – Holly
  • “I have enjoyed reading more tricky books.” – Emma
  • “We’ve learned new sounds that have helped me make words by joining them together.” – Okoiza
  • “We have used ‘Blooms Buttons’ to ask each other questions about our reading books.”


Health and wellbeing

  • “In PE we’ve been learning some ball skills like controlling the ball, passing and bouncing.” – Zoe
  • “It is important to keep your eyes on the ball when you are passing it.” – Katie
  • “I enjoyed playing parachute games together, especially playing ‘Cat and Mouse’” – Kate
  • “We’ve been thinking about our emotions, like happy, sad, angry and excited and we made a wheel.” – Kate, Okoiza and Zoe
  • “We liked when the RNLI came and when we learned about staying safe and what to do if someone is in danger.” – Ava and Holly


Under the Sea IDL Topic

  • “I liked learning about the sea zones and all the animals. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a blobfish.” – Emma
  • “I liked learning Under the Sea songs, like ‘The Hole at the Bottom of the Sea’ and ‘Ocean of Mystery’!” – Ava
  • “We liked learning about all the animals. We really liked the dolphin and the starfish.” – Makayla and Stacey
  • “I liked when the countryside ranger came in and we got to learn about food webs because it was interesting.” – Kate
  • “I have learned lots of facts about sea creatures like what they eat and where they stay, in the sea or on the beach.” – Archie
  • “My favourite thing I learned was the layers of the sea, finding out who lived where and watching the video about it.” – Lewis
  • “I enjoyed making paper jellyfish and learning facts about them.” – Okoiza
  • “I enjoyed making shells and being artistic.” – Ava
  • “I enjoyed using technology to make the dolphin divers because it was cool when in spun around.” – Kate
  • “I didn’t know about food webs and chains before so it was fun to learn about them.” – Zoe and Leah
  • “I didn’t know that seaweed could change colour, like there is red seaweed, it is weird and interesting.” – Emma
  • “I liked learning about animals in rock pools and why they stay there!” – Archie




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