Lauren Cunningham, Laura Walker, Paula Baxter, Wesun Kraish


Nicola Massie, Sandie Ewen, Emma Cranna, Debby Chan, Audra Torliefson. Emma Combe, Fiona Campbell, Lynne Murray, Kelly Easton


Lorraine Drage, Meghan Sadler, Claire Swanson, Donna Crowe, Sonja Kirk, Debra Bowie, Caren Masson, Linda Strachan

Minutes taken by – Nicola Massie


It was agreed a Tuck Shop would be provided for the children at each of the discos, charging 10p per item.  To inform the parents of this we will send out a Groupcall and also have it put on the website.

P.T.A. members will go to Batleys to purchase provisions and also Wesun Kraish has offered to help do ‘witches toes’ for the children.

Glow Sticks were also discussed and will be provided for the children along with unlimited juice on the night.

Once we have all the slips back from the parents we will collate and decide how many helpers we will need.  P.T.A. members will call parents to advise if we need them as helpers.

Caleb will be paid £20 per disco.

Prizes for the best dancers at each disco will be provided.  We will ask a teacher on the night to be the judge.

Tea and coffee will be provided for the parents at the discos, in a separate area.  Milk will need to be purchased for the discos.

Teachers will be reminding children on the day of their discos that they must stay in the building. The disco is just for dancing.

Emma Combe and Fiona Campbell will go into school on Thursday 28th September to photocopy the disco letters.

The P.T.A. will decorate the hall for this years discos.


It was agreed that a letter would be sent out to ask for people to help with the Christmas Fayre.

The P.T.A. will assign tasks to smaller groups of people to help with the workload.


Templates have already been sent out to the teachers in their pigeon holes (27/09/2016) by Emma Combe and Fiona Campbell.

The deadline for getting these back is the end of term.

The teachers will set aside time next Wednesday or Thursday (5th or 6th October 2016) to do the Christmas card designs.

The teachers have offered to sort the designs to then be passed onto the P.T.A. to be sent to the company.

Samples will hopefully be ready for the beginning of next term.


We will have another meeting that will be Christmas Fayre based. We did discuss the following:

The Christmas Fayre will be held on 26th November 2016.

It was discussed that we may want to get the pupils to write letters to companies asking for raffle prizes rather than the P.T.A.

An alcohol licence to provide Mulled Wine and/or Mulled Cider.  With donations from adults if they have some as we most likely cannot charge for these drinks.  The licence would also mean we could use it for other events throughout the year.

The pupils will make crafts that will be sold to parents at the Fayre.  They will also have another opportunity to purchase them if they can’t make the Fayre.

The P.T.A. will need to purchase the main raffle prize, which is yet to be decided on.

We need to apply for Raffle tickets. The name on the licence also needs to be changed to a current P.T.A. member.

The price to enter the Fayre will be £2, which will include tea, coffee, hot chocolate and a rowie.  There will be a donation basket in the kitchen.

There are 22 internal stalls with one or two for Enterprise from Oldmachar.

The letter asking for help at the Christmas Fayre will be given to the office and sent out to parents electronically.  This needs to be done ASAP.

The P.T.A. and Sub Committees will be given space in the school during the day to organise the Christmas Fayre.

It was also suggested that the children could design the Christmas Fayre poster.

It was discussed that having a parent free area for the children to pick a small gift for their parents would be a good idea.


This is covered under the item ‘SUB COMMITTEES’


Paula Baxter will add any information from the P.T.A. onto the Glashieburn Information page on Facebook.  This will give us a broader audience than having our own P.T.A. Facebook page.

More to be discussed regarding information to go onto the School website about the P.T.A.  Emma Cranna has some items to be discussed regarding this.


Arrange a meeting with the Parent Council.


It was discussed that having a Beetle Drive and Race Night would be great fundraising options.  No decisions were made.


The P.T.A. cupboard does need a clear out/tidy up.  This will need to be done before the Christmas fayre.  The P.T.A. will arrange a date and time to get this done.  Help will be appreciated with this.


The P.T.A’s constitution will need to be rewritten.  The current one is out of date.

It was decided that the P.T.A. would provide funds for buses for the school children to attend the panto this year.

It was decided that the P.T.A. will set up a Santa’s Grotto in the school during ‘SPARKLE DAY’ the children will get a small gift from Santa provided by the P.T.A. and parents will have the opportunity to get a photo of their child with Santa.

Organising Santa letters for the children.  This would be organised by the P.T.A.  Fiona Campbell is keen to do this.

We discussed getting family portraits done within the school during parents evening.  This would cost around £15.  Letters would need to be put out so families can book a slot to get their pictures done.  Parents evening is on 2nd & 3rd November 2016.


Friday 28th October 2016 first thing in the morning after the children have been dropped off.

P.T.A. members to organise a separate meeting themselves.

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