Wee Green Spaces

The morning Nursery children went to visit our Wee Green Space last week.  Thank you to Mrs Low and Mrs Roberts who had visited our area to tidy up and make it safe for our return.

We made a den, had a rest in a hammock, investigated with magnifying glasses and telescope, played on a tyre swing, balanced on a rope walk and had a picnic snack.  The adults and children loved their adventure!


img_0230 img_0229 img_0228 img_0227 img_0225 img_0219 img_0215 img_0214 img_0213 img_0212 img_0206 img_0205 img_0202 img_0195 img_0194 img_0192 img_0190 img_0239 img_0237 img_0233 img_0232

Thank you to the Mums and Dads who came to help us, without your help we cannot go.

Letters will follow to give more information about our Wee Green Space and the days each class will be going.

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