On Thursday P7W took a trip to ABsafe where we learned how to identify hazards and dangers which we may encounter in everyday life. We had lots of fun working through six different workshops:
– fire safety
– cyberbullying
– anti-social behaviour
– rail safety
– road safety
– solvent abuse
We spent 20 minutes in each workshop talking about some of the dangers we might face and we had to work with our group to think about how we can make these situations safer. We used a risk assessment matrix to help us to change situations from ‘red’ which means very dangerous to ‘green’ which means safe. Once we had completed all of the workshops we took part in a quiz to test what we had learned. We had to answer 6 questions and for two of the questions we all got the answer correct. Well done P7 and thank you ABsafe!

Written by Josh, Angel and Fatima








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