PTA- roles and responsibilities

PTA Roles & Responsibilities
Run the PTA according to the principles agreed with teachers  parents to raise
funds to provide extra school equipment & extra curricular activities.
Main duties
  • Arrange and manage PTA meetings
  • Communicate PTA activities, meetings & decisions through the school website &  Facebook pages.
  • Work with volunteers to encourage involvement from the wider school community & ensure events are run well.
  • Prepare the PTA annual report for the AGM
Maintains up to date records of all financial transactions.
Main duties
  • Day to day management of account, issuing cheques and completing bankingtransactions when required.
  • Organise kitty for events, collects monies at end of events and reconciles totalsto be reported back to members.
  • Ensure any licences are obtained (raffles)
  • Prepare a financial report for the AGM
To ensure the PTA is run smoothly & communicated effectively.
Main duties
  • Makes arrangements for PTA meetings
  • Issues the agenda, takes & distributes minutes for meetings & AGM
  • Communicates activities & events to the wider school community
  • Keeps a database of volunteers & potential raffle prize donators
  • Makes any fliers/posters required for event publication
Although these are listed as separate duties, we have all worked closely together to
ensure successful events and communication with the school & parents. Please give
any time you can.

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  1. I am willing to try and help out not entirely sure what with I have 3 children 2 of which are at separate schools so it’s a bit tight but willing to help where I can

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