Primary 5/6K’s Term 1 Learning Leaflet

Glashieburn School P 5/6K Learning Leaflet – Information for Parents

Term 1


For the first term, the children in 5/6K will be learning about the Victorians, creating their own timelines to gain a sense of the chronology. They will also explore the creation of the British Empire, Queen Victoria’s life, Victorian society, as well as famous inventions of the era. The children will learn what life was like for a child of their age in Victorian times and draw comparisons between what they’ve learned and how they live today. Many other curricular areas will link into this main topic, namely: Art & Design, Literacy and RME. In Art, children will analyse Victorian portraits before creating their very own, combining media with sketches. They will also evaluate the work of famous Victorian artist William Morris and attempt to replicate his designs. The whole class will be reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty, which tells the story of a young boy who lives on the Victorian streets, and introduces the charity Barnardo’s, which was established during the period. Using this as a stimulus for an RME/charities focus, we are looking at how notable figures, such as Charles Dickens, viewed the Victorian underclass. Towards the end of the topic, pupils will work in groups to create a charity that could potentially be established, and have real-world impact, today.

If you have access to the internet at home, here are some websites that you might want to visit with your child: (to find out about Victorian Britain through games and videos) (allows you to travel back in time to the Victorian era and go on an interactive adventure) (contains lots of ideas for activities that you can do that a Victorian child might have done at school)



Writing – This term 5/6K will be revising and extending their knowledge of VCOP and using this in their writing. Much of the writing will be linked to The Victorians topic and will include creating a range of imaginative and functional texts.

Reading – 5/6 will be developing and extending their use of comprehension strategies as they read The Street Child by Berlie Doherty. We will also be reading extracts of Oliver Twist, and commenting on the writing style of both Doherty and Dickins. The children will be continuing to develop their reading strategies through a range of individual, paired and group activities.

Talking and Listening – 5/6K will be developing their ability to present information in a confident manner as they share their learning at their assembly this term. I hope you can make it to see this on the 7th of October!


5/6K, 6R and 7W will be setting for Numeracy this term, three times a week. This ensures the children will have increased learning time to help them to progress in this curricular area. We will be focussing on place value, estimating/rounding and mental addition strategies.

As a class, we will have Information Handling as a particular focus.  We will be interpreting different graphs and diagrams. We will also be exploring ways to record and present data.

5/6K will continually revise and consolidate their mental and written number strategies to solve calculations in relation to the four operations.

Health and Wellbeing

The children will be learning several possession-style games with the aim to increase their current level of fitness and develop team work skills. A focussed health and wellbeing will be delivered a Tuesday morning, by Miss Cunningham.

Other matters:

PE kits are required every Monday and Wednesday.

Homework is given out on Monday and should be returned on a Friday. Homework will be recorded by the children in their homework diaries in an effort to encourage more independence and to be environmentally friendly. The way in which homework is now set is intended to promote increased pupil choice and opportunities for creativity.

Miss Cunningham will teach 5/6K Drama every Friday afternoon, as well as health and wellbeing for an hour every Tuesday.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thank you, Miss Kraish

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