P7W Term 1 Learning Leaflet

P7W Term 1 Learning Leaflet

August – October 2016

Welcome back to a very busy term 1! During our first few weeks back we have been establishing class routines and preparing for our residential trip to Dalguise next week! Some P7 pupils have already been busy with their new GPL roles. They have shown enthusiasm and have been great role models to the younger pupils. We are excited to have started learning French with Mrs Grant on a Wednesday and we are looking forward to starting Mandarin again soon!


During the first week of term we voted for our favourite book to study this term. The winning novel was ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. Children will learn a range of reading strategies this term, which they will continue to use when undertaking study of various other novels as the school year progresses. This term, we have started using Big Writing. Children will be encouraged to self-assess and up-level their written work using VCOP throughout the term.


P5/6, P6 and P7 are setting for maths this term three times a week. This ensures the children have increased learning time to help them progress in maths. This term we are focusing on place value, estimating, rounding and mental addition strategies. Pupils will remain with their own class for maths twice a week for problem solving and practical maths activities. We will continue with our daily CLIC sessions and Big Maths Beat That tests on a Friday to improve our mental maths skills!

Health and Wellbeing

In PE this term children will be developing their fitness, stamina and determination. We will be taking part in a variety of circuits and group games to develop our strength and fitness. Pupils will work with a group to create their own fitness circuit to teach to others! This term our PE days are Monday and Thursday. Through our topic pupils will also learn about healthy eating and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.


This term our topic is The Olympics. During the first couple of weeks we have found out about the history of the Olympics and we have researched some famous athletes. We will go on to learn more about Brazil and compare it to where we live. We will also look forward to the Paralympics and the next Olympics in Tokyo. Towards the end of term pupils will have a chance to plan a mini ‘Glashieburn Olympics’!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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