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Primary 4S Learning Leaflet

Information for Parents

Term 1


This term, Primary 4S will be focusing on solving and making our own equations. We will especially be looking into the symbols used, for example greater than and less than, linking this to understanding the difference between numbers. We will also be concentrating on number fact families, and using this knowledge to help us to develop our skills of estimation. This will lead us into using different types of measurement. Pupils will be exploring the length of common objects and use this to help when estimating the length of other objects. Pupils will use a range of equipment to measure items in centimetres and metres.


This term, the class topic and novel is ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. In our reading and written work, we will be looking for good use of VCOP (vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation). This will help the children to pull out key points from texts, in order to retell them in our own words, and further develop their writing to a higher level. The children will be creating their own imaginative stories around the novel, looking to create more detail.

Later in the term we will be looking at persuasive language, where pupils will need to create their own posters and adverts while working for George. This will involve looking at catchy slogans and ideas, while using relevant language.

As a class, we are also looking to further develop the use of nouns, adjectives and verbs when constructing sentences, and understand and use the word ‘tense’. Alongside this, pupils will be revising the basic and second join, ensuring correct formation and height of letters.

Health and Wellbeing

The pupils will be exploring the eat well plate, mainly looking into: the different food groups, a need for balance, and how these foods influence our bodies. They will also be learning about the different types of medicine and the importance of using them safely. Pupils will discuss safe storage of medicines and how to act appropriately in a range of potential scenarios.

In PE, pupils will exploring skills both within Basketball and Athletics. Pupils will be developing dribbling skills and the correct way to stop and pivot when in possession of the ball, practicing different types of passes and attempting various methods of shooting the ball. Pupils will be reflecting on the different ways to travel as well as thinking of strategies to improve their own performance. Within all PE, the skill of working cooperatively with a partner and a team will be built upon.


As our topic this term is George’s Marvellous Medicine, the pupils will have chance to explore, experiment and observe different substances through Science. Linking together with HWB, pupils will be experimenting with drinks, looking at the effects they have on our teeth, and reflecting on the healthiest option. Also by investigating the suitability and properties of materials, as well as solubility, pupils will be testing different substances in water. Pupils will begin to predict and hypothesize the outcome of experiments and use problem solving skills to reflect on the uses of materials around them.

Pupils will also have a chance to explore different ways to express themselves through art and drama, practicing and looking into verbal and non-verbal communication. Furthermore, pupils will be developing their practical knowledge of colour and texture in creating their own artwork.

Other News 

As well as earning house points, the children are eagerly trying to earn marbles for their table for positive behavior and good efforts within the classroom. At the end of each week, their marbles are counted. The following Friday, the table with the most marbles will have cushions for their seats, stickers and a choice of line leaders or show and tell, to recognize their achievement.

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