Nursery Learning Leaflet

Nursery Learning Leaflet August 2016


We would like to wish both our returning and new families to Glashieburn Nursery a warm welcome.  We also welcome the children, staff and parents from Greenbrae Nursery as they join us until their new Nursery building work is complete.



This term we are getting to know one another, we are sharing our likes and dislikes, information about our families and friends and getting to know the staff in Nursery.  The children will be encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings and to help staff organise and set up the Nursery using children’s opinions and ideas.



We are exploring numbers all the time in Nursery, through singing, our play, outdoor learning and during snack time.  This term we will be exploring numbers in the world around us and developing the children’s awareness of the days of the week and months of the year through songs.


Health and Well Being

We are working to develop our relationships and friendships, get to know the adults in the Nursery and becoming familiar with the rules and routines of Nursery.  Staff continue to develop and embed the snack routine and are encouraging the children to be independent in doing this.  Snack is a social activity in Nursery providing lots of opportunities for lots of cross curricular links including literacy and numeracy experiences. We have also recently introduced “Taster Tuesday”, so far this term we have tried olives and seaweed, we have had mixed reviews from the children!


Other Information

In the near future we will be implementing a key worker system in Nursery.  Each staff member will have a group of children for which they will be responsible for updating and adding information to the groups Learning Journeys.  A display will be made in Nursery to show you which adult is your child’s Key Worker.


As always, please share any concerns or questions you have with a member of the Nursery Team.

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