P7 and P2 PE!

On Tuesday 14th of June P7W got into groups of three and set up some exciting circuits for P2C. We had to lead them in a warm up activity, get them into small groups and then we started the circuits. The groups had two minutes at each station before they moved round. We set up all sorts of activities like hula-hooping, tennis skills, passing and running. After they had completed all of the circuits James, Lewis and Logan demonstrated some stretches and a cool down activity before taking the primary 2s back to class. We had to work as a team to set up our circuits and to help the P2s. We also had to communicate as a class to make sure we weren’t setting up the same activity as another group.

‘We thought it was fun and a good experience for us and the P2s. They did really well!’ – Katherine, Lily and Pippa P7W

‘I liked the Primary 7s being in charge because they were nice.’- Harrison P2C

‘I felt really happy because the P7s were there to help us.’ – Emma P2C

‘I enjoyed the step-up one because it was good for my fitness!’- Aiden P2C

‘I enjoyed gym because the P7s were really good leaders!’- Cole P2C

Written by Katherine, Holly, Pippa and Lily P7W


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